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From "The History of Carroll County Illinois" Published by H. F. Kett & Co.; 1878

bullet1878 History of Carroll County

From "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Carroll County"
Munsell Publishing Co. - 1913 Edited by Charles L. Hostetter

bullet Walter W. Allen
bullet William H. Calkins
bullet Elijah H. Dyson
bullet William H. Dyson

Other Biographies -- these are from various publications.

bullet George A. Allen
bullet Henry H. Antrim
bullet Isaac S. Bressler
bullet John J. Bristle
bullet Frank Brown
bullet William C Bunn
bullet David H. Carter
bullet Fred Chambers
bullet Daniel Christian, Jr.
bullet Edwin Downing
bullet William Henry Durkee, M. D.
bullet England D. Flickinger
bullet John A. Gaar
bulletJohn Gaar's Will
bullet F. G. Garner
bullet David & James Gillespie
bullet Biography of James Hallett
bullet Alvin Joiner
bullet Lorenzo Mickle
bullet George Powell Perry
bullet Wallace C. Purdy
bullet Thomas B. Rhodes
bullet Homer Sartwell
bullet Cornelius Shoemaker
bullet Mathias Wolber
bullet Poffy's
bullet Dr. Hussey
bullet Capitola Armour
bullet John Weber

Representatives to the Twelfth District