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Lonely Soul in Savanna - 1909

Savanna from the River - 1909

Bird's Eye View of Savanna

1910-Homes on Chicago Avenue, Savanna

1910-A shady Curve (-- Where?)

Savanna's Main Street - 1912

The Radke Coffee Shop

Indian Head

1923-View from the Bluffs near Savanna

Near Palisades Park

1910 - the Palisades

Savanna-Sabula Bridge - 1942

The Toll-Bridge - 1951

Mt. Carroll's Old Mill

Mt. Carroll (Thanks go to Jeremy Clay)

1910 Chautauqua at Mt. Carroll

Hatheway Hall, Shimer College

1911-Hatheway Hall, Shimer College

Thomson Methodist Church

1909 Thomson Basketball Team

1953 Mt. Carroll Basketball

Hickory Grove School Stuff

Milledgeville Church

Savanna Girls Basketball Champs
Girl in Front and Center was Ruby Weeler Knapp, aunt to Don Lancaster.
Don can be reached at

Carl Harman - Early School
(Courtesy of Melissa Harman Teague)

Caroline Schoen Harman Family
(Caroline is in the wagon next to the dog.)

(Courtesy of Melissa Harman Teague), daughter of Carl Harman)

Karl Schoen
(Courtesy of Melissa Harman Teague)

Hardware Store in Lanark
Shown is Frank Harman, grandfather of Melissa Harman Teague
(Courtesy of Melissa Harman Teague)

Twin Sisters Rocks

Carroll County School 1906

Most likely the old one-room Oil Valley School
In the photo from left to right (as far as we can determine) was Maud Dale, ?, Hazel Hale, ?, ?, Florence Dale, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, John Dale Jr.
Back row Richard Dale, ?, ?, teacher.

The Dale family farm was a bit further south and to the west of the school.

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