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If you would like to submit your family outline to be put online, please email me at These can be as plain or as elaborate as you care to get.  I am more than willing to put photos with your outline.

With most family tree programs you can make the family outline or ahnentafel style reports.  Copy or attach the report to an email and send it to me, Colleen, at   The report can be anything for Word or Works for Windows or text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf).   I cannot read Word Perfect (.wp#) files.  Or you can type or copy the info directly into the email message. 

You could also send me a gedcom file, letting me know which ancestor(s) you would like to have put online, and I can do the rest.  If you want to send photos, you have to send them separately as they do not stay with your gedcom file.

bulletDescendants of Noah Brown
bulletThomas Cochran Family History
bulletDescendants of Thomas Davis
bulletDescendants of Georg Anton Frank
bulletGrim/Grimm and Geltmacher
bulletDescendants of John Barnes Gleason
bulletDescendants of William F Graves
bulletGrim/Grimm and Geltmacher
bullet Descendants of James Hallett
bullet Ancestors of Melissa Harman Teague
bullet Descendants of Edward Hatfield
bullet Descendants of Valentine Hill (Hill Genealogy, Sharon Strow,
bullet Descendants of John Ernest Laird
bullet Descendants of Joseph Laird
bulletDescendants of Augustus Leavens
bulletDescendants of Joseph Lister
bulletLucas Family History
bulletDescendants of James Matheson
bulletDescendants of Daniel W Metz
bulletDescendants of Friedrich Christoph Muller
bulletDescendants of Philo Ranslow
bulletSome Schweissguth Family Info

Other Carroll County Family Websites

bullet Roger & Sue Cramer's Genealogy Site
bulletHere is a link to the Fisk family of Oregon... gggggrandparents were from Carroll Co. and left for Oregon in 1852: