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Melissa Harman Teague

Father Carl Arthur Harman; born in Lanark June 20, 1916.
Carl's parents were Frank Harman and Caroline Schoen. 

Franks Parents were Adam Harman and Margaret Diether. 

Name: Adam HARMAN 
Given Name: Adam 
Surname: Harmon 
Sex: M 
Birth: 19 Feb 1838 in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany 
Death: 24 Jan 1904 in Lanark, Illinois, USA 
Event: heart disease Medical 
Information from the Harman family Bible.
Immigrated to the USA at age 12 (1848). Family first settled in 
Pennsylvania. He had three brothers and two sisters.
In the Spring 1868 he moved with his family to Ogle County Illinois.
In 1874 the family relocated to Carroll County Illinois where he resided 
until his death.
Buried with his wife, Margaret Dieter, in the Lanark Cemetery.
Name: Margaret DIETER 
Given Name: Margaret 
Surname: Dieter 
Sex: F 
Birth: 6 Mar 1840 in Germany 
At age 2 immigrated with parents to USA (1842). Family settled near 
Lancaster City, Pennsylvania.
Joined the Church of the Brethren at Cherry Grove, Illinois.
Buried with her husband, Adam Harman, in the Lanark Cemetery, near the 
city of Lanark, Illinois.
Caroline Schoen's parents were Carl and Christina Schoen:

Name: Karl SCHOEN 
Surname: Schoen 
Given Name: Karl 
Sex: M 
Birth: 28 Jun 1824 in Philipstahl, Germany 
Death: 19 Feb 1891 in Lanark, , , IL, USA  
Harness Maker.
He landed in New York in 1849 
Christinia Hoerger:

Name: Christina HOERGER 
Surname: Hoerger 
Given Name: Christina 
Sex: F 
Birth: 16 Feb 1842 in Wollenburg, Germany 
Death: 3 Dec 1903 in Lanark, , , IL, USA  
Note: She came 1st to Louisville, Ky, then Chicago, then Sterling, IL, then Lanark.