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Misc Obits

June-Dec 2003 Obits

1973 Mirror-Democrat Obit Index

1974 Mirror-Democrat Obit Index

1975 Mirror-Democrat Obit Index

Individual Obituaries

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Warren Arb and Wife

Alfred Barnes

Loyal H. Beagle

Clara Barthel Bills

Robert W. Black

Irene Boughman

Emma L. Crom Brown

Owen L. Burns

Owen L. Burns

Eve Bushman

Minnie Bushman

Rebecca Jane Bushman

John Herbert Calkins

Curran Obituaries

Christopher Davis

Mrs. Charles Deets born Ulmer

Harry Deets

Margaret Heffelman Deets

William Deets

William Deets

Edith Colcord Deets Webster

Myrna Dyson Veer

Walter Dyson

John Erdmier

Charles K. Fenton

Fred W. Fitch

Roy Owen Frederick

Jacob Grimm

James Hallett Obituary

Emma Hanna

Keith Hardesty

Ben F. Healy

Luman Hegerman

Anna E. Herrington

Henry Hoffman

Mary Sophronia Hubbard

Obituary of Christina Laird

Obituary of John Laird

Obituary of John WP Laird

Obituary of Joseph Laird

Rollin McLaughlin Laird Obituary

Matilda Malone Lenhart

Dean R. Lindsley

Richard LeRoy Lundy

Lydia Ann Calkins Maberry

Daniel H. Masters

James Lawry McKean

Mary Ann Miller

Alice (Keeley) Mummert

Grace (Dixon) Mummert

Gladys E. Mummert

Ralph Mummert

M. H. Nusbaum

Hattie Bent Philips

Neptune Serphene Phillips

Mary L. Pulver

John H. Rath

Nelson Burr Ridgway

Carl Roderick

John Sauer (1955)

John Sauer (1949)

Wilma M. Schell

Andrew Schleuning

Lance Christian Schmidt

Anna Elizabeth Schleuning

Conrad Schleuning

John C. Schreiner

Katherine R. Schreiner

Sarah Shirk Herner

Jabez Smith

Anna Mary Stricker Wells

Harvey Maurice Stuhldryer

Sterling Stuhldryer

Mrs. William D. Taschal

S. E. Turner

John Wade

Perry E. Wells

Joseph M. Wherritt

Alfred Yeager

Obits, Marriages, Births, from 1939 Thomson Review, Thomson, Illinois