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Henry Hoffman Dies at the Hospital, Freeport, Ill.

The deceased was a well known citizen in Fair Haven and the county for years but of late years, being unable to leave home, he has been seen very little in town. The last few years he did not go out anymore. Those who were more intimately acquainted with him will remember him as a good hearted jovial man. There was something in his nature which would go out to cheer up his surroundings. The writer always enjoyed his company for his good humor and wit. He had the faculty of cheering up others. Of late years he suffered with an affliction which was very annoying and painful and as a last resort he submitted to an operation from the effects he never recovered. Besides his own affliction he extended the sympathy of a husband to his wife who has been an invalid for years and has also become totally blind. But they have always had the consolation and assistance of Mr. and Mrs. George Knoerz [Knoess] who always did the best possible for their comfort.

The deceased was born in Freienseen, Hessen Darmstadt Germany, March 30, 1829. Died at Freeport Hospital, Freeport Ill., Friday, Aug 29, 1902 and reached the age of 73 years, 4 months and 29 days. In 1856 he united with Johannette Hilt, his now surviving widow. A year later they left for America to try their fortunes, locating near Chicago. In 1858, a year latter, they came to Fair Haven where they have since resided. Mr. Hoffman met with desired expectations in his new adopted country and has been successful in providing a comfortable home. Besides the aged widow an only daughter, Mrs. George Knoerz [Knoess] survives. A son, the oldest of their two children, John G., died Jan 14 1882. He had become a grown up young man and been married several years, left a widow but no children. She too a number of years latter passed to the beyond.

Funeral services were held on last Sunday from his late home which is only a short distance from the Lutheran church. Services were held at the church conducted by Rev. J. G. Diekhoff and aided by Rev. Gamber of Chadwick. The Funeral was largly attended by many friends and neighbors to pay their last tribute to the departed.