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The Renner Family Cemetery is located at 19366 Loran Rd.  about 10 miles north of Mt. Carroll.  It is a small cemetery on private property.  (Click on the map for a larger view)  The township has made great strides to clean up this cemetery and keep it looking nice.   Bev (Renner) & Bob DeFord sent us the picture at the top of the page taken last October, 2004 which shows how nice the cemetery looks now.

On 16 Aug 2003 I took some pictures and wrote down the following information.  I'm sure there are more stones there.

According to Carroll County: a goodly heritage,  "The Renner church and Renner school stood west and north of Keltner, one on each side of the Loran county highway..."  It goes on to say that the church was not used and torn down in 1967.  "There were news accounts of monthly lyceum and other entertainment at this school over the years."  (It would be interesting to have more info on the Renner church and school.)

The Carroll County Genealogical Society may have more info on additional burials, military info, obituaries, etc.  I hope you will contact them. 

These are in no particular order, just as I found them as I walked around the cemetery.

Elizabeth, his wife 08 Jan 1852 05 M?? 1908 There may be more on this stone but I didn't see it.
Ed Ward M. Listebarger   17 Mar 1897 In his 32nd year
Simon Renner 29 Dec 1829 30 Jan 1921  
Elizabeth, his wife 19 Aug 1830 23 Feb 1904  
Charles E. (?) Renner   31 Aug 1894 Aged 29 Years
Joseph F., Son of R & E Renner     There are at least two more stones next to this one that I couldn't read.
Maggie, wife of R. Figeley 19 Jan 1841 03 ??? 1871? This one is laying in the ground
Rosco F. & Wm. Wordon, children of W.M.H. & S.J. Renner   02 Apr 1869 & 11 Jan 1872 Rosco was age 8 Y 10 M 26 D
Wm. Wordon was age 2 Y 2 M 11 D This stone is broken and laying down
William Renner 01 May 1807 10 Sep 1903  
Mary A., his wife 07 Mar 1811 19 Apr 1900  
Minnie dau 1841 1913  
Balzar Renner 10 Aug 1809 26 Aug 1878 This stone is laying down
Collins     This stone is behind the large Renner stone pictured above. I could not read any info.  There may be other stones.
Mother Alletta J. Renner 1851 1942  
Father Daniel A. Renner 1858 1931  
Son J. Wallace Renner 1874 1898  
Eli P. Renner   05 Oct 1879  
Theodore Carter     No dates
Infant     This one is slanted and I could not read it.
Sherwood E. Carter 07 Nov 1836 24 Jul 1921 On the other side of the stone, at the bottom, it says "Good Bye Dear Mother" and some other stuff I couldn't read.  There are small stones to the east of this one that say Father & Mother.

For more information on the Renner family, you could contact:

bulletBob DeBord who writes, "My wife is the great-granddaughter of Daniel and Alletta (Buckley) Renner. Daniel was the much younger brother of Simon P. Renner. This was due to Simon being born early during their father Johan's first marriage and Daniel being born very late in the second marriage."

SOURCE: Carroll County : a goodly heritage; Mt. Morris, Ill.: Kable Print. Co., 1968