Ferry Boat Sinks


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Jackson Sentinel, January 25, 1894.

Ferry Boat Sinks-

The ferry boat “Midget,” that plies between Savanna and Sabula, in the season, sunk in the slough near Sabula Saturday night. It is the property of Lambert & Kimball, and the proprietors with a force of men worked all day Sunday and were unsuccessful in raising the craft, but probably have it above the water ere this. The sinking of a boat of the kind makes much trouble and expense.

Jackson Sentinel, February 1, 1894.

The ferry boat “Midget,” sank last Saturday night and now lays on the bottom of the slough in about eight feet of water on one side and six on the other. The cause for the sinking is a mystery and can only be accounted for by the theory that the ice had started a string of caulking from a seam in the hull as it melted away a number of days previous and it finally came out Saturday evening. The boat never leaked with an ordinary load, while in commission and there was no water in her Thursday afternoon previous to her sinking. A crew of men worked Sunday and Monday to raise her, but little could be accomplished before the severe weather shut off operations.

Submitted by Ken Wright