Probate Document for Joseph Laird, Sr.


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Probate Document for Joseph Laird, Sr.
October 27, 1771 - January 5, 1845
Lanark, IL

State of Illinois
Carroll County

We people of the State of Illinois to Francs Garner, Abraham G. Moffett and Garner Moffett of the County of Carroll, State of Illinois Granting:

This is to authorize you, jointly to appraise the goods, chattel and personal estate of Joseph Laird, late of said county and state, deceased, so far as the same shall come to your sight and knowledge, each of you having first taken the oath here to annexed; a certificate whereof you are to return, annexed to an appraisement bill of said goods, chattel and personal estate, by you appraised, in dollars and cents. And in the said bill of appraisement you are to set down in a column or columns, opposite to each article the appraised the value thereof.

Witness, Leonard Goss, Probate Justice of the Peace in and for said County, at his office in Mt. Carroll this 7th day of April A. D. 1845 his private seal affixed, there being no office at seal provided.

Leonard Goss, P. J. B.