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* Note- Many dates included in this listing is not the date of the actual event, it may be the date of the newspaper article that the information was obtained.

Adams, Arlyne- Parents are Mr. And Mrs. WA Adams- 
  WAVES OCC- Broadcasting Co. in Chicago 
Ashby, Wayne, Jr. - June 10, 1943-
  Got his orders to report to Camp Grant next Thursday.
  Wounded infantryman in mortar squad 
Ashpole, Donald- Son of Mr. And Mrs. John B. Ashpole 
  Aviation School in Luke field, Phoenix.Corporal Army Air
  Corp, Died in plane crash 
Ashpole, Harold- Son of Mr. And Mrs. John B. Ashpole is 
  US Army    
Ashpole, Henry L. - Son of Mr. And Mrs. John B. Ashpole  is a
  Corporal in Army- engineers battalion camp, Adair, OR  
Ashpole, Robert- Son of Mr. And Mrs. John B. Ashpole is 
   Newly accepted and assigned to Camp Grant-Rockford
Atherton, Dwight- Parent Arch Atherton- US Navy, mortar
  Machinist mate 3/c. 
Beck, Charles- Private in Army
Blair, Paul-
Brown, Burrell G.- Dec. 8, 1943 promoted to Capt. In Army.
  Parents Mr. And Mrs. Guy Brown.  In SW pacific, Australia, 
  And New Caledonia.  Age 27 has been in 10 yrs. Bronze star  
Brown, Harold- PO 3c- joined Navy in March 1944
Bull, Charles- Navy, USS Nevada at Pearl Harbor, machinist
  Mate 2/c 
Bull, Donald- Navy
Bull, Eugene- Navy
Cate, Hubert Arthur- Mother Gladys, Is Lt. US Army Air Corp. 
   AF Advanced Flying School  in California.  Basic 18 wks
   At Tulare and Chico, California. Awarded Distinquisted 
   Flying Cross 
Crow, Loretta- Petty officer 3/c WAVES. Mother is Marie Crow.  
Demaree, Robert- First LT- Army
Diephuis, Gerald- Private 1st Cl. Army
Dimmick, Ben-
Eslinger, Calvin- September 1945 S2c
Falls, Harvey- Private in Army
Frazier, Donald-
  From Army Air Force on Dec. 7, 1944 as Master SGT. It is 
Gaar, Delbert- Son of Harry Gaar- Army Private 
Gaar, Dorothy-22 yr old  Daughter of Harry Gaar- WACS 
  Corporal 1st Womens Army Aux. Corp Training Center
  In Des Moines, Ia. October 14, 1944 
Gaar, Paul- Son of Harry Gaar- Private Air Corp ARMY
Gleason, DM- Aviation Machinist Mate 1st Class Navy
  Got the distinquished flying cross for flying service
  Grandparents are Mr. Mrs John Schade 
Groharing, Blaine- Fireman, 2nd Class Navy
Hans, Elmer- Enlisted July 10, 1940 Honorably discharged
  29 months overseas in china, Burma and India  *Disb. 
"	Harry Gaar has 3 children in service
Hebeler, Kenneth- Navy
Hebeler, Robert- Corporal at Fort Lewis, WA
Holmquist, Anton-
Hook, Albert Jr.- Son of Albert and Bertha Hook- Seasbees
Hook, Bernie- was accepted into naval aviation cadet training 
  On 7-1-1943 
Hook, Epa- August 14, 1943- Died in an explosion of Munition
  Dump.  Son of Albert and Bertha Hook.  Was Pvt 1st
  Class then SGT. Army in Africa 
Hook, George- Son of Albert and Bertha Hook- US Navy
Hook, Raymond- Son of Albert and Bertha Hook.  With the 
  Airborne Division 
Hoy, Laura Roserzetta, age 21, Parents are Clem and Esther 
  Hoy. She is apprentice seaman , Graduated YCHS. OCC- 

Kaufman, Vernon R.- Aviation Cadet- US Naval Air Corp 
Kness, Earl - At North Camp Polk, LA he was promoted from 
  PRC to Corporal 
Leavens, Glen- US Navy- nephew of Mrs. Frank Brown, SR. 
Lewis, Robert B.-August 14, 1945 graduated training basic 
  Airplane and engine mechanic course Keesler Field, Biloxi
  Son of BR Lewis, Sp of Grace Lewis 
Marshall, William-
McGinnis, Kyle- Tech. Staff Sgt in Army
Rawlins, Robert- Parents Mr. Mrs Vernon Rawlins in Ideal
Reader, John- Navy
Rice, Elwin- Private First Class Army
Rice, Roland- Sgt in Army
Rive, John- Tech. In Army
Root, Harry Earl- Son of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Root- Private
  First Class Army 
Root, Joe- Son of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Root-ARMY
Root, Walter- Son of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Root- ARMY
Schroth, Harold- Private, awarded expert infrantryman badge 
Shelly, Lyle- Private in Army
Stagg, Gilpin- December 18, 1941- Mother is Hazel. He is on
  USS Whitney  in Pearl Harbor 
Strauch, Willard G.- April 4, 1945- Killed in action in Germany
  Father was William E. Strauch. Nephew of Louis and Henry
Turney, Gail- Carpenters mate 3/c Navy
Walters, Edna- WAVES- was home ec teacher at YCHS
  WAVES- OCC- Broadcasting company in Chicago
Wilt, Everett- Army
  Worked at Savanna ordnance depot as ammunition handler