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Only you can tell your story and share it with future generations through the George C. Marshall Foundations World War II - Korean War Memories Project

The George C. Marshall Foundation has launched a new Memories Project to collect and preserve personal World War II and Korean War experiences from veterans and civilians who lived during those years, to include stories, letters, diaries, anecdotes, original writing such as songs and poetry, photographs, and artifacts. These war-time memories will be indexed and made available to families, visitors, scholars, and researchers through the Marshall Foundation Library/Archives and Research Center.

Albert J. Beveridge, III stated: "We believe that the memories of those who served in World War II and the Korean War, in all of the services - Army, Air Corps, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard - as well as those who were part of the arsenal of democracy on the homefront, are worth sharing and saving. The war-time experiences of a generation that speaks to us of duty and honor, sacrifice and accomplishment, should be preserved and cherished as reminders of all that Americans today owe to these men and women."

Your voice is among those of a generation that has given so much, yet experience tells us that you have much more to share. All those who lived during the World War II and Korean War years are encouraged to share their memories. All personal recollections of wartime experiences on land, sea, or in the air, at home or overseas, will be welcome:

* Combat stories, songs, and poetry
* Nurses and Medical Corps experiences
* Homefront stories
* Contacts with allies and enemies
* Diaries, records, memoirs, etc...
* Jokes, anecdotes, cartoons

There is no limit to the length of your written personal narratives. We hope you will have some war-time anecdotes or experiences that you can describe in detail, with specific names, dates, and places.

The Memories project now includes over two hundred separate submissions, including thousands of photos, stories, journals, a model ship, letters, and diaries.

If you are among the 22 million American men and women who served at home or abroad during World War II or the Korean War, we invite you to share your memories with us.

The George C. Marshall Foundation Library / Archives and Research Center can help you preserve your war-time letters, diaries, stories, photographs, and artifacts, and make them available to future generations.

CALL: 1-540-463-7103, Ext. 135
WRITE: Joellen K. Bland
Director, Memories Project
George C. Marshall Foundation
P.O. Drawer 1600, Dept. "M"
Lexington, Virginia 24450

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