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Music Program Given At Legion Auxiliary Meet
Sept. 10, 1952
A musical program was presented at the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary unit held Wednesday evening in the American Legion home, with Mrs. Robert Wagner, chairman announcing the numbers. Nearly 30 members and guests were present.
Entertaintment included piano solos, "Impromptu" and "Fur Elsie", Miss Julia Fuller; accordion selections, "Lonely Little Robin" and "The Tinker Polka", Miss Jane Hatheway; and piano solo "Jealousy", Mrs. Wagner.
Ten or more members plan to attend the 13th district school of instruction to be held Sept. 17 in the Morrison coliseum, with Miss Betty Sullivan, district president as the speaker. Mrs. Lillian Ahrens of Lydon, 13th district director, will give an outline for the program for the next year.
Mrs. G. H. Collingwood, membership chairman, reported 71 members to date.
Mrs. Clyde E. Kinney expressed her thanks to the women of the auxiliary unit who assisted in the Nine-Morgano wedding reception held in the American Legion home. They were Mrs. Jens C. Hansen, Mrs. John L. Machen, Mrs. Ruth Fulton, Mrs. G. H. Collingwood, Mrs. Frank Geller, Mrs. Hazel Buckwalter, Mrs Westfall, Mrs. Anton Vetrizek jr., Mrs. Harry Krahn, and Mrs. Frank Cimino.
Refreshment committee for the meeting included Mrs. Roy Church and Mrs. John Campbell, co-chairmen, Mrs. Charles Marth, Mrs. John Allison, Mrs. Max Cottral, Mrs. Albert M. Greison, Mrs. Henry Moltmann, Mrs. James Smathers, and Mrs. Ray Westfall.
The next meeting will Oct.

Junior Woman's Club Plans Guest Night
Monday Sept. 22, 1952-age 14
Savanna, Ill.-Junior Woman's club will observe annual guest night at 8 p.m. Monday in the Radke Green room. The program will include piano and accordion numbers by Jane Hatheway, who attended the Egyptian music camp at DuQuion, sponsored by the club.
Hostesses will be Mrs. Thomas Gilroy , Mrs. Eugene Flack and Mrs. Harvey Norton.

Hutchins Talks To 110 At Meet Of Two Clubs
Oct/ 10, 1952-age 14
Byron Hutchins of Mount Carroll, farm adviser of the Carroll County Farm Bureau talked to more than 110 members and guests at the annual joint meeting of the Washington community and Jacobstown Community clubs held Friday night in the Farm Bureau hall, Mount Carroll.
He spoke farm life and value of community clubs. He was introduced by Miss Mary Frey, program chairman for the Washington club. Mrs. Duane Law was program chairman for the Jacobstown club.
A chicken dinner was served at 6:30. The committee in charge was Mrs. Bert Ritchie, Mrs. Glen Miller, Mrs. Lawrence Miller, Mrs. Wilbert Law, Mrs. Lawrence Getz, Mrs. John Fecke, and Mrs. Francis Gillespie.
Table and hall decoration were in keeping with the halloween season, including lighted black and yellow candles and pumpkins.
The program numbers were son, "Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here" group; accordion numbers, Miss Jane Hatheway, Savanna, vocal duets, Minnie Eaton and Charlotte Eaton, both of Stockton; accordion numbers, Miss Carol Eaton, Stockton; vocal solos, Miss Jean Miller, Mount Carroll, vocal solo, Glenda Richter, Mount Carroll; instrumental selections, Harlan Rath and Gene Eldon Paulsen; square dances, Carroll County Rural Youth square dance team; talk, Mr. Hutchins; and song, "God Bless America," group
John Fecke was the song leader and Mrs. Judd Law the Pianist.
A social period followed the program.

Behing-the-Scenes Personnel Who Never Get Into Stage Spotlight Vitally Important to Music Camp. 1952
Scores of behind-the-scenes personnel who never get into the spotlight of the concert stage are vitally important to the smooth operation of the Egyptian Music Camp at Du Quoin State Fairgrounds.
The public sees only the finished production. It is the cooperation of the unseen and unsung that insures the successful program.
Foremost among those in the background is the camp director, A. T. Atwood, from whose "round the calendar" planning and constant supervision comes the day-by-day success of the camp, one of the largest of its kind in the nation.
The camp's "early bird" is Albert Blazer of Decatur, who is a four-year veteran. Up even before the "crack of dawn", Blazer is hustling about with his broom and shovel before anyone else is stirring. He reports a week before the camp opens to get the site in shape. Another who works in advance of the camp opening is Isaac Woodside, who handles transportation of equipment.
Ed Lee, designated as registrar, has multifarious duties. He registers each student and is the camp banker (students may deposit their spending money and get it back as they need it.) He is pay-master, ticket manager and "troublshooter". Ed never has a dull moment.
A REGISTERED NURSE, Miss Mildred Kennedy, is dean of girls. She takes her "vacation" from Marshall Browning hospital to devote the month of June to the camp here and another in Ponca City, Okla. Besides supervising the girl's dormitory, she looks after the young ladies' minor aches and pains-both physical and mental-and is constantly alert for any unusual ailments that might arise.
Assisting Miss Kennedy with the girls is Miss Catherine Howells, first-grade teacher at John B. Ward school. She is assistant dean of girls.
Student counsellors for the girls are Jean Kelly, Hillsboro; Margaret Lapierre, Jackson, Mo.; Nancy McCain, Madison; and Barbara Munson, Decatur. Miss Kelly is also director of girls' recreation, Miss McCain is librarian and Miss Munson social and dancing director.
Earl Bozarth of West Frankfort is dean of boys and a veteran at the job. He is assisted by Jim Ballowe of Herrin and three student counsellors, Kent Shepard of Robinson, John Cobb of LaSalle and Leonard Craghead of Ponca City, Okla.
The camp's outer office and store is a busy place. There, all types of articles-from soaps to musical instruments-are for sale. In charge is Mrs. Cleota Dearing of Du Quoin, Atwood's regular secretary; Richard Fred, Du Quion store manager; and Mary Wittenborn, Steeleville.
Eating is an important pastime for man-and music campers are no exception. The kitchen crew is in charge of Karl Schickedanz, who prepares hundreds of meals daily. His assistants include Mrs. Sybil Heiple, Charles Jones, Don Moss, John Griffin and John Keim. Arthur Grogan handles the garbage disposal.
Besides cafeteria meals, the camp has other eats and drinks (soft) at a refreshment stand operated by Harold Holland and his father, Ben.
To see that everything is peace while youth of the camp slumber, Harley Harvey of Du Quoin patrols the area.
On concert and program nights, other helpers are needed. Lee Childress handles ticket sales and Norman and Herbert Moody assist with the lights and other details.
"Better Halves" of two of the camp personnel also assist in the general operation, namely Mesdames A. T. Atwood and Ed Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brake are on hand, especially on registration day and program nights.
The job of publicizing camp activities, arranging printed programs and handling various contacts is in the hands of D. W. Hortin, director of public relations.

Music Camper Will Give 2d Weekly Concert Tonight
Featuring the 1952 Egyptian Music Camp orchestra, chorus, and band, another weekly concert will get under way at 8 p.m. today on the stage of the grandstand at the fairgrounds.
This is the second in a series of four concerts to be given by camp personnel this summer. The next two will occur Saturday, June 21, at eight p.m., and Saturday, June 28, at three p.m. Closing this year's camp activities, and operetta, "The Desert Song." Will be presented Friday and Saturday, June 27 and 28.
Under the direction of Professor H. Waller of the University of Illinois the orchestra will present the following program;
South American Overture, Merle J. Isaac; Love Music from "Boris Godunow," Moussorgsky-Kindler; Triumphal March from "Sigurd Jarsodfar," Edward Grieg; One Alone from "The Desert Song' (featuring Mrs. E. J. Hayes, soloist), Sigmund Romberg; Home on the Range. Arranged by James Griggs; Little Brown Jug, transcribed by Clive Richardson; and Finale from Fifth Symphpony, Beethoven-Woodhouse.
W. H. Beckmeyer of Mount Vernon High school will conduct the chorus in the following arrangements: Psalm 150, Lewandowski; To Thee We Sing, Tkach; Begone Dull Care, 17th Century; Erie Canal (featuring John Lee, baritone, Arlington Heights, Illinois).
A break in the chorus program will allow and ensemble composed of 12 Egyptian Music Camo pianists to play several selections. The ensemble features Marily Dillow, Kay Sue Eadie, Jim Fletcher, Norma Hill, Phyllis Hill, Lucy Hlavas, Betsi Hoon, Bob Martin, Doralee Rogier, Mary Swinger, Ann White, and Marjorie Zuidema.
Continuing, the chorus will sing My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Simeone; Gonna Join de Heavenly Choir, a Negro spiritual featuring Ferde Dickey, baritone, Fairfield, Illinois; and Russian Picnic (solo by John Cobb, tenor. LaSalle), Enders.
The ban will then take the stage along with director, Allen Bone, professor of music at Duke University, Durham,. North Carolina, for the following selections:
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March, Karl King; Mannin Veen (Dear Isle of Man), and Manxtone poem by Haydn Wood; Victor Herbert Favorites arranged by M. L. Lake; the Toy Trumpet (Don LeMasters, soloist), Raymond Scott; Night Beat, narrated by James Ballowe, Harold Walters; "The Ohio Special" March, Karl King; and Finlandia, a tone poem by Jean Sibleius.

Legion Women Sponsor Party
Dec. 10, 1952
Savanna, Ill.-Fifty members attended the meeting and Christmas party of the American Legion auxiliary held Wednesday in the Legion Home. Miss Lillian Ahrens of Lydon, 13th district president, was introduced by Mrs. C. E. Kinney, president. Mrs. Ahrens introduced her mother, Mrs. Beattrice Ahrens, rehabilitation chairman of the district and both spoke briefly.
Special recognition was given by Mrs. Ahrens to Mrs. Ray Westfall and Mrs. Logan Machen, both past district directors. Mrs. Machen is 13th district poppy chairman this year.
The program was in charge of Mrs. Ralph Buchman and included group singing led by Mrs. Harold G. Evans, with Mrs. Robert Wagner at the piano; accordions solo, Jane Hatheway; vocal duet, George and John Fecke; piano solo, Mrs. Wagner; saxophone solo, Glen Law accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Judd Law; vocal solo, Mrs. Donald Boyle, accompanied by Mrs. Walter Storm; and a ski, "The Ragged Cloak," by members of the English III class of the Savanna high school with Marne McGrath directing, Sharon Neher narrating. Members of the cast were Larry Smith, John Bouseman, Wadeen Tripp, Georgia Pease, Robert Schaefer, Elaine Charneski, Reginald George, Salvadore Sanchez. The music was handled by Carol Elliott and Jeanice Radke and costumes and properties were in charge of Mary Alice Williston.
Refreshments were served by Mrs. Virgil Phifer and Mrs. Earl Ross, co-chairmen; Mrs. George Allen, Mrs. Clarence Christensen, Mrs. Harry Krahn, Mrs. Earl Mace, Mrs. Robert Myers, Mrs. Marguerite Woodill and Mrs. Wallace Wolfe.
The auxiliary will serve the Savanna Garment company Christmas party dinner Dec. 17. The next meeting will be Jan. 14.

Skit Is Given By Students For Auxiliary
Dec. 11, 1952
A skit entitled "The Tagged Cloak" and musical and vocal numbers were presented at the Christmas meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary held Wednesday night in the American Legion home, with 56 in attendance.
Program numbers, announced by Mrs. Ralph Buchman, chairman, were accordion selections, Miss Jane Hatheway; vocal duets, George and John Fecke; piano solo, Mrs. Robert Wagner; skit, English III class of Savanna high school; saxaphone and piano duets and vocal duets, Mrs. Judd Law and Glenn Law; vocal solo, Mrs. Donald Boyle, accompanied by Mrs. Walter Storm; and group singing.
Skit By Students
Students taking part in the skit were Larry Smith, John Bousman, Miss Wadeen Tripp, Miss Georgia Pease, Robert Shafer, Miss Elayne Charneski, Regginall George, Salvadore Sanchez, and Miss Sharon Meher. Miss Marne McGrath was the director, Miss Carol Elliott and Miss Jeanice Radke the piano accompanists, and Miss Mary Alice Williston had charge of costumes and properties.
Hostesses serving refreshments were Mrs. Virgil Phifer chairman and Mrs. Earl Ross co-chairman, Mrs. George Allen, Mrs. Clarence Christensen, Mrs. Harry Krahn, Mrs. Earl Mace, Mrs. Robert Myers, Mrs. Marjorie Wolfe. Hall and table decorations were in keeping with the holiday season.
Auxiliary members will serve the dinner at the annual Christmas party of the Savanna Garment company to be held Dec. 18 in the American Legion home.
The next auxiliary meeting will be Jan. 14.
Miss Lillian Ahren of Lyndon, 12th district director, made her official visit and was introduced by Mrs. Clyde E. Kinney, auxiliary president. She gave a talk on auxiliary activities in the 13th district. Miss Ahren gave special recognition to Mrs. Ray Westfall, Savanna, past 13th district director, who installed Miss Ahren when she took office,
Mrs. Harold G. Evans, Savanna, was the musician for the district installation. Miss Ahren introduced hr mother Mrs. Beatrice Ahren, also of Lyndon, who spoke on her duties as 13th district rehabilitation officer.

Girls Monopolize Honors in Music Camp Talent and Hat Shows
Girls students took the top three places in the regular Monday talent show at the Egyptian Music Camp at Du Quoin State Fairgrounds last night.
Miss Phyllis Hill of Sheldon, Ill, Miss Anne Lloyd of Fairfield, Ill.., and Miss Jo Sutterfield of Palmyra, Mo., were first, second and third, respectively.
Miss Hill offered the piano selection "Fantasie Impromptu" by Chopin. Miss Lloyd played a clarinet number, "Erwinn Meister", accompanied by Phyllis Hill; and Miss Sutterfield sang a vocal selection, "Summertime", accompanied by Louis Cunningham of Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Ikla.
Other students who participated and their numbers included, Jane Hathaway, Savanna, piano and accordion, "Twelfth Street Rag" and "Rustle of Spring", Lozetta bohman, Canton, piano, "Prelude in C Sharp Minor"; Abbie Todd, Palmyra, Mo., vocal solo, "One World"; Margie Zuidema, Edwardsville, and Doralee Rogis, Highland, flute duet, "Enchanted Isle", accompanist, Marilyn Dillow.
Georgian Kearn, Jamesport, Mo., vocal solo, "Carmena", accompanist, Bob Martin; Marilyn Diillow, Anna, piano solo, "Nocturne"; Janet Oetting, Concordia, Mo., vocal solo, "Cry of Rachael", accompanist, Mary Swinger; Barbara Cash, Urbana, flute solo, "Air Aubert", accompanist, Roberta McKinney.
Nancy Williams, Woodland, vocal solo "Lilac Tree", accompanist, Martin; dick Hunsaker, Vienna, piano solo, "I Will Life Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills" accompanist, Martin; Larry Burroughs, Hume, sousaphone, "Bombatoso", accompanist, Martin; Wayne Kin, Roxana, trombone, "With A Song In My Heart", accompanist, Jerry Snyder.
John Lee, Arlington, vocal solo, "Nocturne", accompanist Elizabeth Edwards; Dick Wsler, Champaign, violin solo, "Allegro Brilliante", accompanist, Kay Robb; Bob Martin, Chrisman, piano solo, "Valse Caprice"; Marianna Anderson, Montgomery City, Mo., vocal solo, "Little Damosel", accompanist, Kay Robb.
Vicki Jurich, Jenkins, Ky., baritone, "My Ole Kentucky Home," accompanist, Mr. Cunningham; Patsy Robb, Coulterville, vocal solo, "Nightengale of June," accompanist, Kay Robb; Jim Fletcher, East Peoria, piano solo, "Bumble Boogie"; Rosalee Stucky, Woodburn, Ind., Lozetta Bohman, Canton, and Margie Zuidema, Edwardsville, flute solo, "Dances of the Reed Flutes," accompanist, Martin.
The evening's entertainment also included a "hat show" in which campers entered their own creations.
Besti Hoon of Dixon presented the best musical hat, which she labeled "Johnny Ray."
Bill Burns of Oakland City, Ind., created the funniest hat, designed from socks, a Lifebouy soap carton and a toothpaste soap carton and a toothpaste carton,.. The hat was unnamed.
Dorina Dean of Marceline, Mo., introduced "The Hat from Mars" to take first place for the most original design.

O. E. S. Chapter Stages Party
Youngsters Present Savanna Program
Dec. 15, 1952-age 14-
Savanna, Ill.---A large attendance was reported at the Christmas party staged by the Mississippi Chapter, O. E. S. Monday night in the Masonic hall.
The program included piano numbers by Julie Fuller, Carol Spencer and Ellen Ruth Hanson; accordion selections, Jane Hathewaym and recitations, Candy Brodbeck, Jacquenline Everhart, Donald Frederick, Charles, Mary Ellen and Barbara Griswold, Barbara Henry, Michele and Nan Milligan, Greg Orr, Donna Lee and Mary Lou Predosa, Susan Smith, Linda and Melody Speck, Mary Spencer and Michael Sullivan.
Santa Claus arrived and distributed treats for the children. Gifts were exchanged and refreshments served.

100 Persons At Xmas Party By Eastern Star
Dec. 15, 1952-age 14
About 100 members and their families attended the Christmas party held on Monday night by Mississippi chapter, in the Masonic hall. Mrs. Lee Hansen was in charge of the program given by children of the members.
Piano numbers were given by Julie Fuller, Carol Spencer, and Ellen Ruth Hanson. Jane Hatheway played some accordion selections. Recitations were given by Candy Brodbeck, Donnie Frederick, Charles Griswold, Mary Ellen Griswold, Barbara Griswold, Baroara Henry, Linda Speck, Melody Speck, Mary Spencer, and Michael Sullivan.
Santa Claus appeared and presented each child with a treat.
Following the program refreshments were served in the dining room by the committee consisting of Mrs. Allyson Frederick, chairman, Mrs. Earl Mace, and Mrs. L. W. Sikkema. The general committee in charge of the evening was Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griswold, Mrs. Florence Mills, and Mrs. Lester Milligan.

Officers for Neighborly Club Seated
Jan. 13, 1953-age 14
Officers for the new year for the Neighborly Welfare club were seated at the Family Night meeting held Wednesday night in the home of Mrs. Dan Weidman, Mount Carroll, with 26 present.
Those seated are Mrs. Dan Dauphin, Mount Carroll, president; Mrs. Oliver Gillogly, Savanna, vice president; and Mrs. Dick Roche, Mount Carroll, secretary and treasurer
Appointments for the year announced by Mrs. Weidman, president are Mrs. Ed Dauphin, Mrs. Wilbur Law, both of Savanna, sunshine committee; Mrs. Gustav Schmidt, Mount Carroll, Mrs. Albert Grinnall, Savanna, finance committee; Mrs. Lee Ervin, Savanna, Mrs. Will McFee, Mount Carroll, reporters.
A port luck supper at 6:30 was followed by games and contests and a program.
The program included roll call answered with a New Year's resolution, son "America " group, devotions, by Mrs. Dan Weidman, accordion numbers by Miss Jane Hathwawy. Mrs. Lulu Ehredt of Savanna was the program chairman.
First honors in games went to Mrs. Ed Phillips and second to Mrs. Gustav Schmidt, both of Mount Carroll, and first prize in contests to Mrs. Wilbur Law of Savanna and second to Mrs. Fay Christian of Mount Carroll.
The club includes members from Savanna and Mount Carroll. The next regular meeting will be Feb. 11.

Milledgeville High School Gymansium, Milledgevill, Ill.
January 31, 1953
Call to order Producer's Supp;y Meeting Claude Cook Jr., President
Minutes of last Annual Meeting Homer Hammond, Sec.
Treasurer's Report J. W. Erdmier, Treas.
Adjournment of Producer's Supplies Meeting
Call to order of Farm Bureau Meeting Claude Cook Jr., President
Minutes of last Annual Meeting Homer Hammond, Sec.
Treasurer's Report J. W. Erdmier, Treas.
Quality Milk Co. Report Ray Sailer, Manager
Carroll Service Co. Report Mitchell Vesas, Manager
Livestock Market Report Clause Miller, Manager
Musical Nume Jane-piano
Insurance Report H. W. Hopkins, Gen. Agent
Organization Report Evertt Smiltey
Farm Adviser's Report Byron Hutchins
Noon---------Box Lunch
Music Law's Orchestra
Invocation Rev. William Kendall
Group Singing H. E. Stakemiller
Election of Directors and President
Larry Smith Violin
Address Dr. John Holland
Musical Entertaiment accordion-Bowles girl singing

Income and Expense Statement
Jan. 1, 1952 to Dec. 31, 1952
Membership dues $17,178.49
Rent 1,447.00
Interest and Dividends 703.44
Special Projects 663.00
Total Direct Income $20,600.93

Other Income
Wood Marketing $ 259.24
Insurance Compensation $3,836.10
Soil Testing $1,396.50
Total Indirect Income $5,491.84
Total $26,092.77

Directors and Meetings $2,297,69
Salaries and Travel 3,577.85
Publicity 1,196.98
Special Projects 1,225.83
Building 4,369.51
General Office 2,752.91
Organization 4,519.39
Total Direct Expense 19,940.16

Other Expense
Insurance Dept 2,292.76
Soil Testing 1,301.53
Total Other Expenses 3,594.29
Total Expense 23,534.45
Net Income $2,558.32

29 Pianists to Have Auditions-1953
Twenty-nine pianists, selected from Sister Mary Kathleen's music class at Mount St. Clare, will audition for membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians. Auditions will be held Monday in Mount St. Clare auditorium.
Each student plays a memorized program, receives a detailed analysis of her playing and a certificate of rating. If successful in the audition, she is awarded the fraternity pin of the organization. Those who attain superior or superior plus ratings will be eligible to enter the national piano recording festival in October.
The following students will participate in the auditions: Sharon Streit, Carol King, Jo-Nett Melchert, Mary Ann Evans, Nancee Rose, Suzann Dwyer, Dorothy Lind, Sandra Aldrich, Carolyn Traver, Ann Marcucci, Ruth McCool, Ruth Emmons, Susan Wallace, Patricia Bentz, Antje Green, Evelyn Anderson, Sister Kathleen Ann Mullen, Alla Aldrich, Joanne Dwyer, Dorothy Dwyer, Audrey Stumbaugh, Linda Anderson, Mary McLaughlin, Karen Clemtn and Carolyn Holes, all of Clinton; Marilyn Kennedy, Albany, Ill.; Jane Hatheway, Savanna, Ill.; Mary Ryan Harmon, Ill.; and Mary Glennis Thomson, Mount Carroll, Ill.
Bret Sears, Milwaukee, Wis., will be adjudicator for the occasion. He is reputed as a pianist and teacher of national note, and especially qualified by training, background and experience. His mother, on the music faculty in a Pennsylvania college, was his first teacher then after study with some of the widely-known teachers of the United States, and graduation from Oberlin college, Ohio, he went to Paris, France, where he was a student of Lazare Levy.

Program For 4-H Roundup, Farm Picnic
The programs was completed for the annual Czrroll county 4-H Roundup and Farm Bureu picnic, to be held in Old Mill par, Savanna, Aug. 24 and 26, at a meeting of the 4_h club committees and the Savanna Chamber of Commerce committee held at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at Old Mill park shelter house.
Lawrence Miller, chairman of the 4-H club committee, presided.
The program for the annual two-day event announced by Byron Hutchins, Mount Carroll, farm adviser, follow:
Tuesay, Agu. 25
9 a.m. judging of sheep.
9:30 a.m. judging of swine.
10:00 a.m. judging of poultry, rabbit, and garden products.
12:15 p.m. band concert, basket picnic lunch.
1:15 p.m., recreational activities for all ages, including 50 yard dashes, sack race, three-legged race, pie eating contest, hog calling, egg toss.
3 p.m. first 4-H softball game.
7 p.m. second 4-H softball game.
7:30 p.m. music by Coates orchestra of Clinton, Iowa.
8 p.m. amateur contest-played acccodrion-2nd place
Wednesday, Aug. 26.
9 a.m. judging of beef and dairy cattle.
12:15 to 1:15 p.m. band concert, basket picnic lunch.
1:15 p.m. pet parade for children under 10 years, beef and dairy cattle parade, 4-H clothing revue, presentation of trophies and awards, prizes to be given oldest couple actively engaged in farming, and oldest man and oldest woman present.
3 p.m. music by Coates orchestra, championship 4-H softball game.
7 p.m. tug-o-war between teams of each town in county, greased pole climb, chicken scramble for children under 10 years.
8 p.m. WLS entertainment.

Program Given For Jo-Carroll Co-Op Meeting
1953-age 15

The program for the annual Jo-Carroll Rural Electric Co-operatiove meeting to be held at the Savanna high school gymnasium Saturday, Dec. 5, has been announced by Charles Youtzy, manager of the organization. The program follows:
10 a.m. call to order by Clayton Dittmar, president; awarding of early bird prize.
10:05 a.m. Reading notice of meeting, and minutes of last meeting, Mrs. Berniece Moore secretary.
10:20 a.m. Report of officers, Clayton Dittmar, president; Morris W. Birkbeck treasurer; and Charles Yountzy, manager;
11 a.m. Report of nominating committee, James Morgan.
11:05 a.m. Election of officers;
11:35 a.m. Other business;
11:45 a.m. Introductions and announcements;
11:50 a.m. Group singing, audience;
12 noon, Refreshments; Box lunch furnished by the co-operative; the lunch will be prepared and served by the Jacobstown Community club;
12:05 p.m. Music by Glen Law orchestra;
1 p.m. Call to order by Clyton Dittmar, president; Song, "Star Spangled Banner" by the audience, accompanied by Law's orchestra;
1:05 p.m. Invocation by the Rev. Wayne DeVries, pastor of the Presbyterian church, in Savanna.
1:10 p.m. Address of welcome by George Becker, mayor of Savanna.
1:10 p.m. Address of welcome by George Becker, mayor of Savanna;
1:20 p.m. Movie in technicolor, "Growth of Dairyland";
1:45 p.m. Demonstration, Hot Lines, Glen Strong and C. M. Scott, safety instructors;
2:15 p.m. Entertainment, Uhl Half Pints, instruments; three Squares and a Round, quartet comprising Marlo Specht and Charles Niemeyer of Elizabeth and Carson Simmons and Wayne Vanderheyden of Stockton; tap dance, Cheryl Grinnell Savanna; musical, Carol Jeanne Speer and Kay Brandt Hanover; accordion solo, Jane Hathaway; quad city quad quartet.
2:45 p.m. awarding of prizes.
3 p.m. Adjournment.

Telephone 3001
Carroll County Farm Bureau
123 West Market Street
Mount Carroll, Illinois

February 10, 1953
Jane Hathaway
C/o Albert Hathaway
Savanna, Illinois

Dear Jane:
Enclosed is a check for $10.00 in appreciation of your part in our Farm Bureau Annual Meeting at Milledgeville. Everyone enjoyed hearing you and I hope this check will compensate you for your time and expenses.
Yours truly,
CC/s Claude Cook Jr.

Center Hill PTA Hears Weismiller
Sept. 4, 1953-age 15
Savanna, Ill.-State's Attorney Robert Weismiller, Mount Carrill was the speaker at the first meeting of the Center Hill P.T.A. Friday night in the school. His sybject was "Americanism." He was introduced by Mrs. C. W. Paschal, program chairman.
The program also included accordion solos by Henrietta Brunner and Jane Hatheway, and a song by a group of 4-H girls of the Jacobstown club and boys from the Tip-Top Troopers 4-H club. The association voted to purchase two cots and bedding for the first aid room of the school. Refreshments were served.

O.C.W. Club Group Holds Family Party
March 14, 1953-age 14
Savanna, Ill.-About 75 attended the O.C.W. club family party Tuesday night in the Legion home. A potluck supper was served with Mrs. Orville Koser, Mrs. Robert Gilman and Mrs. Lawrence Miller the kitchen committee.
Mrs. Paul Dauphin and Mrs. Ralph Buchman were co-chairmen of the program, which included colored motion pictures of the west coast and Hawaii by Fay F. Christian, Mt. Carroll; accordion solos, Jane Hatheway; tap dance numbers in costume, Judy Ost, Allen Cottral, Sally Pannell, Brownell Clikeman and Jill Hess; accordion solos, Kathleen Vacek; piano solos, Mrs. Judd Law, and magic tricks, Merle Holy.

Talks To Club About Progress In Medicine
Feb.16-1953-age 15
Dr. E. C. Turner of Savanna addressed 30 men on the subject"Progress of Medicine in the Past 50 Years", at the monthly meeting of the Lutheran Men's club held Monday night in St. Peter's church parlors.
Dr. Turner told about the new drugs of recent years and explained their uses. The speaker was introduced by E. D. Gantert, program chairnan.
Miss Jane Hatheway played accordion numbers and san several solos to her own accompaniment. She was also introduced by Mr. Gantert.
A roast beef dinner was served at 6:30 p.m. by the charity circle with Mrs. John A. Schmidt as chairman.
The next meeting will be March 16, with O. C. Schmidt as program chairman.

70 Present At Rotary club's Ladies' Night
Sept. 16, 1953-age 15 a sophomore
Ladies Night, observed by the Rotary club of Savanna Wednesday night in Old Mill park shelter house, was attended by 70 including Rotarians, wives, and other guests.
The roast beef dinner at 6:30 was prepared and served by Mrs. Carl Robertson.
A Program
A program, arranged by Arthur Weidman and Charles Marth, included feats of magic by Merle Holy, accordion numbers by Miss Jane Hatheway, and group singing accompanied by Miss Hatheway on the accordion and led by John L. Brearton.
Guessing Contest
The guessing contest prizes went to Mrs. Arthur Weidman and Mrs. France Wood and the door prizes went to Mrs. Gardin Dinsen and Mrs. W. R. Kauck.
The general committee for the event included Arthur Weidmn chairman, Charles Marth, Tom Ross, Lloyd Godfriaux, John Leeman, and Clarence Vos.
The noon luncheon meeting at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, will be held in the Hotel Radke green room with Dr. L. E. Hussey as program chairman.

About 100 At OCW Club's Family Party
March 17, 1953-age 14-Lady of Spain & Bellow Shake
The 31st annual family night party held by the O. C. W. club Tuesday night in the American Legion home, was attended by nearly 100, according to Mrs. Lloyd Law Sr., publicity chairman.
A 6:30 potluck supper was followed by a program of group singing, accordion solos, tap dances, piano solos, magic tricks, and colored slides.
Featuring the program was the showing of colored slides by Fay Christian of Mount Carroll. The pictures were taken by him on a trip to the west coast and the Hawaiian islands.
Entertainment included song, "My Wild Irish Rose", group; accordian solos, Miss Jane Hatheway; tap dances, Judy Ost, Jill Hess, Sally Pannell, Brownell Clikeman, and Allen Cottral; accordion solos, Miss Kathleen Vacek; magic tricks, Merle Holy; and piano solos, Mrs. Judd Law,
Mrs. Lawrence Miller was the song leader and Mrs. Judd Law the pianist.
Committee for the annual event were Mrs. Paul Dauphin and Mrs. Ralph Buchman, program and Mrs. Orville Koser, Mrs. Ralph Gilman, and Mrs. Lawrence Miller, kitchen and dining room.
A regular meeting of the O.C.W. club will be held Thursday, March 26, in the home of Mrs. Howard Taplin.

Final Touches Are Given For Prom Tonight
May 8, 1953-age 14
Final decorations and arrangements were being made this afternoon in the Savanna high school gymnasium for the junior-senior prom, the main social event of the Savanna high school calendar.
Juniors and seniors will enter the gymnasium, which has been transformed into a starlit garden, over a rustic bridge. They will dance from 9 to 11:30 to music furnished by Lee Simons and his band.
Adult Spectators
Adults from the community are welcome at the prom as spectators. Since the juniors have put a ceiling in the gym, the only place for the spectators will be the bleachers in the gymnasium. The balcony will no be opened, according to Mrs. Kenneth McCall, a class adviser.
The Program
The program at 10:15 p.m. will include, a Dutch dance by Becky Hatfield and Linda Ross accompanied by Marcia Newell, pianist, and accordion numbers by Miss Jane Hatheway.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Whisler, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Gundlach, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Fuller, Mrs. Kenneth McCall, Virgil Keehnar, Miss Myrna Johnson, Jesse McIntyre, and Miss Sharon Neher will be in the receiving line.
After Prom
Directly after the prom, from 11:30 to 11:45, beverages will be served the students as the first event of the after-prom activities which have been arranged by a committee of adults.
From 11:45 to 12:30 a.m. photographs will be taken at the Times theater by photographers Phifer and Chapek, and Arnold Berntsen will be the master of ceremonies using the Spencer loud-speaker.
From 12:30 to 2:45 a.m. the pre-release showing of "Walk East on Beacon Street" will be given at the Times Theater.
From 2:45 to 4 a.m. breakfast will be served the students in the Moose dining room by members of the Savanna Woman's club.

Combined Illowa Choruses At Festival
April 22, 1953-age 14
Boys', girls' and mixed choruses participated Tuesday in the Illowa conference music festival in Fulton high school gymnasium. More than 400 students of six schools appeared in a massed concert of the three choruses in the evening before only 45 persons.
Prof. Lloyd Pfautsch of Illinois Wesleyan university was guest conductor for the evening concert and presented criticism during the day for benefit of each individual chorus. Schools participating were Lyons, DeWitt, Bettendorf, Morrison, Savanna and Fulton.

Savanna After Prom Party Held
Termed Big Success; Prepared in Haste
May 19, 1953-age14
Savanna, Ill.-The after-the-prom party Friday night was a huge success, according to Clarence Vos, chairman of the committee in charge of arrangements. Other members of the committee were Rev. W. Chester Jostrom, Mrs. Lloyd Williams, Claude M. Briggs, Russell Sharp and Spurgeon Harter. Committee for the breakfast served in Moose hall included Mrs. B. J. Clikeman, Mrs. F. U. Stransky, Mrs. Otto Wacker, Mrs. Archie Schaefer, Mrs. Karl Reddies. Mrs. Frank Goldquist and Mrs. Merlin Sager.
One hundred thirty attended the prom in the high school and 80 attended the theatre party and the breakfast. Cakes were donated and left-over food was given to the city hospital. Decorations at the prom were on a garden scene. A Dutch dance was provided by Linda Ross and Becky Hatfield accordion solos, James Hatheway, and brief remarks, junior and senior class presidents.
Vos pointed out that because of the late start this year, there were only a few days in which to complete all arrangements. Next year, they expect to have more time and make a bigger and better party, with individual committees and the like.

Miss Sullivan Installed By Fr. Antl Court
June 1, 1953
Miss Catherine E. Sullivan was installed as grand regent of Fr. Antl Court of the Catholic Daughters of America at a meeting held Monday evening in St. John's hall. Mrs. Arlene Spurr, district deputy, of Galena, was the installing officer, and Mrs. Glenn B. Laughlin, past district deputy, was the organist.
Other officers installed were Mrs. John Shimp, vice grand regent; Mrs. Robert Bradley proghryyd; Mrs. Emerita Martel, financial secretary; Mrs. William Kuntzelman, Historian; Mrs. Anton Vetricek, tresurer; Mrs. Carl Engaldo, organist; Mrs. Richard Dunk, Mrs. John Reagan, and Miss Lucile Sterling, trustees.
Distinguished guests attending the installation ceremony were Miss Eleanor Quinn, of Dekalb, Illinois state treasurer at the organization; Mrs. Bertille Neuwohner of Galena, grand regent of Court Isabella; Miss Luella Farley, of DeKalb, grand regent of Court Immaculate Conception.
Mrs. John Washburn, past grand regent, in behalf of Court Fr. Antl, presented the retiring grand regent, Mrs. John Reagan, with a past grand regent's pin in recognition of her splendid work for the past two years as grand regent.
The Program
The following program was introduced by Miss Catherine Morrissey:
Larry Smith, violin selections; Miss Sheron Nehr, dramatic reading; and Miss Jane Hatheway, according selection.
Hostesses who served a buffet luncheon following the program were Miss Jane Rogers and Mrs. Herbert Gifford, co-chairmen, assisted by Mrs. Robert Bristol. Mrs. Thomas Kustes, Miss Lucille Haller, Ms. Alphonse Thill, Mrs. Aldo Caponi, Mrs. Richard Dunk, Miss Margaret McBride, and Mrs. John Tracey.

Return From Motor Trip Through East
June 14-28-stayed Fri. 26th, 1953
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hatheway and daughter, Miss Jane, have returned from their motor vacation trip of 3,343 miles through the scenic eastern mountains and historical placed in the New England states. They visited Washington, D. C., New York City, Philadelphia, Pa., Concord, N. H., the coast of Maine, Lake Placid, Niagara Falls, and Canada
On the return trip the Hatheway family encountered a severe storm in Michigan. They were forced to wait until huge trees were cleared from the highways.

85 Fathers and Sons at Banquet
Nov. 2, 1953-age 15
Savanna, Ill.-More than 85 attended the annual father-son banquet Monday night in the Legion home, sponsored by the post. James F Ward, superintendent of Milledgeville schools, was guest speaker on "Father and Son Relationship". He was introduced by Rev. T. Stuart Cleworth, who served as master of ceremonies.
Other numbers on the program were accordion solos, Jane Hatheway, and vocal solos, Arnold Berntsen. E. D. Gantert was general chairman; Mrs. C. E. Kinney, kitchen chairman, and Mrs. Frank Climino, dining room chairman.

88 At Legion's Annual Father And Son Event
Nov. 2, 1953-age 15
James F. Ward, superintendent of the Milledgevill unit school district, spoke on "Fathers and Sons" to 88 persons at the annual father and son banquet held at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the american Legion home, sponsored by Van Bibber-Hansen post, of the American Legion.
The speaker cited several recent events involving juvenile delinquency, extreme Hallowe'en pranks, and similar activities, and he proceeded to a discussion of the rights of fathers and sons. Mr. Ward said an American boy needs a wholesome, healthful home, good schooling, guidance in physical and social development, and religion.
Introduced By Cleworth
Mr. Ward was well received. He was introduced by T. Stuart Clemworth who was master of ceremonies. Mr. Cleworth is a teacher in the Milledgeville grade school and is a former pastor of the Community church of Savanna.
Mr. Cleworth introduced E. D. Gantert, general banquet chairman, who spoke briefly. Mr. Gantert's committee included Albert M. Greison, Arnold Berntsen, and Spurgeon Harter jr.
Past Commanders
Arnold Berntsen, post commander, was introduced and, in turn, he introduced the past commanders present. They are Dr. J. B. Schreiter, Ralph Buchman, James Kelly, J. Vincent Sullivan,Ray Westfall, T. Sturart Cleworth, E. D. Gantert, Joseph Loeser, Harrie Lawrence, Charles L. Reese, Robert Kelly, Clyde E. Kinney, Albert M. Greison, and Robert Marriott.
Entertainment consisted of accordion numbers by Miss Jane Hathaway, playing "Rapaz Band", "You, You, You", "Oh", and "Twelfth Street Rag" and vocal solos, "Tommy Lad" and "Friend O'Mine, by Arnold Berntsen accompanied by Mrs. Raymond Phillips.
The Dinner
The dinner was prepared by several members of the American Legion auxiliary unit with Mrs. Clyde E. Kinney, as general chairman.
Committee were kitchen, Mrs. Ben Rogers, Mrs. Roy Church, and Mrs. Earl Mace; dining room, Mrs. Frank Cimino chairman, Mrs. Robert Enz, Mrs. Gene Bennet. Mrs. Lawrence Ludovissy, Mrs. Merton Loomis, Mrs. Max Kreuder, Miss Myrna Mace, Mrs. Charles L. Reese, and Mrs. Robert Kelly.
Mrs. Spurgeon Harter jr, bake the 18 pies for the dinner.
The menu was roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered peas, cabbage salad, olives, pickles, carrot and celery strips, butter rolls, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee. Centering each table was a vase of autumn flowers, and an autumn theme was used for hall decorations.

Milwaukee Club Planning Party For Christmas
Nov. 9, 1953-age 15-soph
Plans were made for the annual Christmas party for the Milwaukee Women's club, to be held Dec. 14, at a regular meeting held Monday nigh in the Lydia T. Byram Community club house with 40 present, according to Mrs. Claudia Buswell, publicity chairman.
The party will be for paid-up voting members and there will be a 50 cent gift exchange.
Several accordion numbers were played by Miss Jane Hathaway.
Hostesses who served refreshments were Mrs. George McKay, Mrs. E. S. Hewitt, and Mrs. Charles Swingley.

Select Guides Servers, For Parents' Night
Tues. Nov. 10, 1953-soph
Student council guides and home economics servers for Parents Night, to be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday in the Savanna high school, were announced today by Miss Svea Adolphson, general chairman.
The guides, under direction of Larry Smith, president of the student council, are John Bouseman, Nancy Gundlach, Georgia Pease, Robert Acuff, Tom Lundy, Patricia Bailey, Janice Helle, Ronald Palmer, Joe Garcia, Helen Haas, and Glenna Bailey.
Servers are Ruby Frederick, Dorothy Pratt, Janet Strom, Darlene Cross, Jane Hathaway, and Virginia Pixley.
Clifford G. Wilcox will be the host and Mrs. F. J. Stiles will pour.
Miss Adolphson is being assisted by Mrs. Clifford G. Wilcox, Miss Mable Gray, and W. F. Massey.

250 at Parents' Night Open House in Savanna High School
Nov. 10, 1953-Tues.-soph-age a5
Savanna, Ill.-About 250 parents attended Parents' night open house at the high school Tuesday.
Student council guides, under the supervision of Larry Smith, president of the council, were Nancy Gundlach, Georgia Pease, John Bousman, Robert Acuff, Tom Lundy, Patricia Bailey, Janice Helle, Ronald Palmer, Joe Garcia, Helen Haas and Glenna Bailey.
Miss Svea Adolphson was general chairman. Other faculty members on the committee were Mrs. Echo Wilcox, Miss Mable Gray and W. F. Massey, Clifford Wilcox, superintendent, was host.
Refreshments were served in the home economic rooms, with Mrs. F. J. Stiles, secretary, presiding at the tea table. Servers were Ruby Frederick, Dorothy Pratt, Janet Storm, Darlene Cross, Jane Hatheway and Virginia Pixley.
More of these affairs are being planned by the factulty members.

Zion P. T. A. Program Presented by Pupils
Fri. Nov. 13, 1953-age 15
Savanna, Ill.-Pupils of the Zion school sang songs and presented a "television" discussion on "India" at the Zion P. T. A. meeting Friday night in the school. Mrs. Myrtle Gifford, Mt. Carroll, teacher, was director
Other numbers on the program included accordion solos, Jane Hatheway; piano solos, Mrs. Judd Law, and a reading, Harold Miller, Ward Dangel presided and the program committee included Mrs. Howard Taplin, Mrs. R. V. Pixley and Mrs. Harold Miller. Plans were made to hold a potluck supper and children's Christmas program Dec. 11. Refreshments were served.

Zion Pupils Give Program At PTA Meet
Fri. Nov. 13, 1953-age 15
A varied program was given Friday night in the Zion school about 10 miles northeast of Savanna, at a meeting of the Zion Parent-Teacher association, with 60 persons present, according to Mrs. Ward Dangel, acting publicity chairman.
The program included a Thanksgiving song and a Thanksgiving prayer by the school pupils; playlet, "Children from India and United Statess Exchange Ideas", by 10 pupils; accordion solos. "Ragtime Band", "You, You, You", "Oh", and "Mexicale Rose. Miss Jane Hathwawy; humorous reading, Harold Miller; and piano solos, "Operetta""and Wooden Echoes"" by Mrs. Judd Law.
Those taking part in the playlet given under the direction of Mrs. Myrtle Gifford, teacher, who also was the pianist for the singing, were Georgia Pixley, James Johnson, James Haas, Beth Wurster, Eugene Dayball, David Johnson, Carolyn Taplin, Terry Taplin, Michele Milligan and Robert Stretton.
Refreshments were served by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Puxley.
A Christmas program will be given by the pupils of the Zion school at the Dec. 18 meeting to start with a 6:30 p.m. potluck supper. There will be a 25-cent gift exchange for adults.