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From the Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada 26 Aug 1904

John Simpson, of Mt. Carroll, Illinois, spent Wednesday in town completing his purchase of a large farm in the Stonewall district. Mr. Simpson came first to Winnipeg a year ago, and was so exceedingly pleased with the country about Stonewall that he bought land in the district, without attempting to see any more western country. He was accompanied on his trip this year by several young men from Mt. Carroll, and also by his daughter. Mr. Simpson was attracted to Stonewall by the shelter afforded to stock by the rapidly growing bluffs of the district, and by the supply of pure water, which he declares to be the best he has ever tasted. He will bring his family from Illinois immediately, and will no doubt be followed by many of his friends and neighbors from this most flourishing portion of the great state of Illinois.