Lawrence Stricker & Anna Frank


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I came across your information quite by accident while looking around for information concerning my Stricker family of Illinois. Lawrence Stricker was the brother of my great grandmother Anna Mary (Stricker) Wells.

I can tell you a little more information about the children of Lawrence Stricker and Anna Frank.

Edna P. was born in 1903 in Polsgrove, Woodland township, Illinois. She died in 1905 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Mt. Carroll, Illinois.

Walter A. was born in 1905 and was accidentally shot and killed in 1912 by his brother Earl. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Illinois

Earl was born 22 November 1898 in Polsgrove, Woodland township, Illinois. He was married to Lena Trutz and they had one adopted son named Richard.

Mary was born June 11, 1901 in Polsgrove and married Earnest Beck on November 20, 1935. They had no children and in 1955 resided in Elizabeth, Illinois.

There may have been one other child, but do not have a name for that one.

Mary Stricker Beck used to come to Oregon to visit her first cousin Anna Margaret (Wells) Lester and her uncle Andrew Stricker. Also my Aunt Maggie and Uncle Andrew used to go to Illinois to visit the Stricker - Thain families there. My own grandfather Perry Wells was born in Mt. Carroll in 1879.

If I can help your further, just let me know.

Charlott Jones [email protected]