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Every once in a while, on the Carroll County Mailing List, we have a Roll Call where everyone writes in and lets us know what families they are searching for.  If you would like to add your surnames to this list, please email me at [email protected]

SURNAME Researcher Email
Ackerman Myrna Garwick Bowman [email protected]
Aikins Valetta Weaver [email protected]
Albright Rock Miller [email protected]
Allison William Allison [email protected]
Anderson   [email protected]
Anderson Pam Pickens [email protected]
Appel Pat Appel [email protected]
Arnold Grace Cooper [email protected]
Baetze Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Bailey Jullie Schendel [email protected]
Baker   [email protected]
Ballard Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Barber Jullie Schendel [email protected]
Barber Valetta Weaver [email protected]
Bartels Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Bartlett Donice Noelle Smith [email protected]
Beard Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Beaver (s) Jane [email protected]
Beggs Tracy Barnes [email protected]
Beightol Nicci [email protected]
Beyer Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Birely Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Berelie Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Birley Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Bireley Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Byerly Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Blade Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Boetje,Baztje Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Bohn Lois Kleinhenn Lanier [email protected]
Bonawitz Carol [email protected]
Bower/Bauer Dede Mines [email protected]
Boyer Rock Miller [email protected]
Brewer Cindy Brewer [email protected]
Buckwalter   [email protected]
Bundy   [email protected]
Burkert Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Bushman Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Butcher Bonnie [email protected]
Butterbaugh   [email protected]
Butterbaugh Jane [email protected]
Cain Francie Collins [email protected]
Campbell Sondra Campbell Bowers [email protected]
Carbaugh Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Church Francie Collins [email protected]
Colehour Randall Emmert [email protected]
Cook Dede Mines [email protected]
Cravatta Pat Appel [email protected]
Cross   [email protected]
Cunningham Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Dale John Dale [email protected]
Daniels  Sue Charles [email protected]
Daugherty  Mary Kay Mullen [email protected]
Davis   [email protected]
Dean John A. Andresen [email protected]
Dickinson SHusk [email protected]
Diehl Nicci [email protected]
Dieter (Diether) Melissa Harman Teague [email protected]
Dingman Linda Wilbur [email protected]
Disher Pam Pickens [email protected]
Dodd Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Dollinger Amy Skvarka [email protected]
Dupuis SHusk [email protected]
Dyer Pam Pickens [email protected]
Dyson John Veer [email protected]
Eastabrooks Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Eastwood Larry Eastwood [email protected]
Eby   [email protected]
Eisenbise   [email protected]
Eisenbise Nancy [email protected]
Eisenbise Jane [email protected]
Emmert Lois Kleinhenn Lanier [email protected]
Emmert Randall Emmert [email protected]
Erdmeier Sue Charles [email protected]
Eshelman Nancy vwat[email protected]
Eshelman Jane [email protected]
Fischer Donice Noelle Smith [email protected]
Fisher Cara Christensen [email protected]
Fisk/Fiske   [email protected]
Foutch Donice Noelle Smith [email protected]
Frank Bonnie [email protected]
Frey Carol [email protected]
Fuller SHusk [email protected]
Gallagher Bonnie Gilson [email protected]
Garman Nicci [email protected]
Garrison   [email protected]
Garwick Myrna Garwick Bowman [email protected]
Gayetty Sondra Campbell Bowers [email protected]
Gass Amy Flammang [email protected]
Gehry / Jerry   [email protected]
Gibson   [email protected]
Gill Maggie (Gill) Wachter [email protected]
Gillespie Sondra Campbell Bowers [email protected]
Gleason Amy Flammang [email protected]
Gray Jan Thompson-Kelley [email protected]
Grayless Pam Pickens [email protected]
Greiger Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Gump Dave Clarke [email protected]
Harker D M Ready [email protected]
Harlam Lucile Sinclair [email protected]
Harman Melissa Harman Teague [email protected]
Harmon Nicci [email protected]
Harmon Peggy S. Harmon [email protected]
Harrison Eloise Carroll [email protected]
Hassler Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Hatfield D M Ready [email protected]
Haupt Nicci [email protected]
Hawes, Hawse   [email protected]
Heil Valetta Weaver [email protected]
Heiser Jan Thompson-Kelley [email protected]
Henderson Nancy [email protected]
Herrington Dede Mines [email protected]
Hill John Lartz [email protected]
Hill Sharon Strow [email protected]
Hirschmiller David A. Fleischer [email protected]
Hobbs Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Hoerger Melissa Harman Teague [email protected]
Hoerz John Lartz [email protected]
Holman Jullie Schendel [email protected]
Holtam Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Holy Dede Mines [email protected]
Howard Cory Swensen [email protected]
Hummel Jane [email protected]
Hurless Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Imel Dave Clarke [email protected]
Jefferis Myrna Garwick Bowman [email protected]
Johnston Nancy [email protected]
Jones Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Jones Ruth Maring [email protected]
Kahler Beverley Johns [email protected]
Kauffman Pat Appel [email protected]
Kindred Jane [email protected]
King   [email protected]
Knode Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Koehler Beverley Johns [email protected]
KoneKamp Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Kratz Ruth Maring [email protected]
Krohmer   [email protected]
Kromer Nancy [email protected]
Lartz John Lartz [email protected]
Law   [email protected]
Leonard Bonnie Gilson [email protected]
Leavens Bonnie [email protected]
Long Nancy [email protected]
Longman Nancy [email protected]
Lovejoy Randall Emmert [email protected]
Lubeck Valetta Weaver [email protected]
Machen Jan Thompson-Kelley [email protected]
MacKay   [email protected]
Markley Francie Collins [email protected]
Marth David A. Fleischer [email protected]
Martin Carol [email protected]
Martindale John Veer [email protected]
McClenahan David A. Fleischer [email protected]
McDaniel   [email protected]
McNeeley Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Messinger Dede Mines [email protected]
Michel D M Ready [email protected]
Michel Patricia Sanders [email protected]
Miller Pat Appel [email protected]
Miller Rock Miller [email protected]
Miller Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Moll Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Mordum Lucile Sinclair [email protected]
Mueller Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Muller Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Myers   [email protected]
Myers Nancy [email protected]
Nelson Dede Mines [email protected]
Neubauer Amy Flammang [email protected]
Noble   [email protected]
Nye Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Olds Dave Clarke [email protected]
Olson Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Overholser Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Parkinson David A. Fleischer [email protected]
Penrod Tracy Barnes [email protected]
Paul Nicci [email protected]
Peters Pat Appel [email protected]
Petsick Pat Appel [email protected]
Poffenberger Dick Poffenberger [email protected]
Porter Dave Clarke [email protected]
Preston Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Proctor Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Prussing Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Puterbaugh   [email protected]
Rahn Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Ranslow/Renslow Bonnie [email protected]
Relia Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Reynolds Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Rhodenbaugh Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Rickert Rock Miller [email protected]
Rister Patricia Sanders [email protected]
Robbe Jane [email protected]
Roemer Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Rogers Nicci [email protected]
Rogers John Lartz [email protected]
Rubendall Sue Charles [email protected]
Ruehl Pat Appel [email protected]
Ruellmer Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Rundall Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Sack Pat Appel [email protected]
Sarber Nicci nicc[email protected]
Saltow Joseph Roy Saltow [email protected]
Schmidt John Lartz [email protected]
Schmidt Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Schoen Melissa Harman Teague [email protected]
Schreiner Pat Appel [email protected]
Schweisguth Charles Swisegood [email protected]
Simpson Sharon Oltmanns [email protected]
Smith Myrna Garwick Bowman [email protected]
Smith Donice Noelle Smith [email protected]
Smith Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Spies Lisa Spies Wilson [email protected]
Spinka Pat Appel [email protected]
Starck Lisa Spies Wilson [email protected]
Streicher   [email protected]
Strickler Rock Miller [email protected]
Studebaker   [email protected]
Swearingen Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Sword   [email protected]
Sword Jane [email protected]
Tack Pat Appel [email protected]
Testrout Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Thompson Dave Clarke [email protected]
Tipton   [email protected]
Tomman Dede Mines [email protected]
VanBrocklyn   [email protected]
Wagner Valetta Weaver [email protected]
Wallingford Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Warfield Dave Clarke [email protected]
Weatherwax Linda Wilbur [email protected]
Webster Donice Noelle Smith [email protected]
White Tracy Barnes [email protected]
Wilkinson Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Williamson Sondra Campbell Bowers [email protected]
Williar Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Williard Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Winters Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Wirtjes Judy Wirtjes [email protected]
Wise Sharon Oltmanns [email protected]
Withhart David A. Fleischer [email protected]
Wood Larry Eastwood [email protected]
Woodin Larry L. Reynolds [email protected]
Woodruff SHusk [email protected]
Wurster Amy Flammang [email protected]
Wyric Dale F. Birely [email protected]
Yeager Dede Mines [email protected]
Zillhardt Pat Appel [email protected]
Zillhart Nancy [email protected]
Zook Myrna Garwick Bowman [email protected]
Zuck   [email protected]