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Mt. Carroll High School Class of 1948

Members of the Mt. Carroll High School Class of 1948 in attendance at their 30-year reunion, held at the Black Angus Supper Club Friday night, are as follows:
Pauline Leasman, (a teacher), Jane Berkstresser Weissmiller, Jane Dickinson Frank, Velma Weidman Stein, Joni Saidel Addison, Pat Neuschwanger Hartman, LaVona Fay Phillips Cheeseman, Dora Lee Turney,Cecka, Norma Ginther Lundgren, Jean Randecker Miller, Rosemary Hartman Timm, Bob Hodges (a teacher), Dick Noble, Stan Frank, Marv Bausman, Les Myers, Quentin DeSaix (a teacher), Bob Freeman, Allen Law, Gene Kessler, Robert Duffield (a teacher), Melvin Haas and Jerome Timm.

Members of the Mt. Carroll High School Class of 1953 in attendance at the 25th class reunion, held Saturday night at Oakville Country Club are as follows:

Marna Carr Polhill (Class of '53 Secretary), Arden Rhodes Polhill, Bonnie Hamilton Yenney, class advisor Robert Duffield, Judy Huber Wolfenbarger, Susan Preston Faison, and Delores Eacker Francis, David Saidel (class president), Lucille Randecker, Robert Wolber, Shirley Bundy Smith, Ray Lucas, Gloria Ginther Horwedel and Donald Keim (class vice-president).

Thirteen members of the Mt. Carroll High School's graduating class of 1953, plus husband and wives, gathered at Oakville country Club Saturday, July 1st to celebrate their 25th reunion.

In addition to those living in the local area, members were present from the Chicago area, Kansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Connecticut and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Host for the event were Donald Keim, Marna Carr Polhill and Judy Huber Wolfenbarger.
A Social hour, dinner and dance were enjoyed by those present.
Also attending was a former class advisor, Robert Duffield and his wife, Geneva (Neuschwanger) Duffield.

Class members unable to attend were Donald Kille, *Vivian Moshure (Class of 53 treasurer), *Barbara Crist, Doyle Brinkmeier, Marie Fredericks, *Mary Galvin, Delmar Kehl, Darby McGinty Hall, Robert Noble, Joyce Niedermeyer Robertson, * Juanita Orth, Edward Schroeder, Bette Keeffer,Kehl, Carol Keckler Katzenberger, and Stuart Kromer.

(*married names unknown or unavailable)