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The current townships in Carroll County as of 1999 are:

Washington - Fractional towns 25 North, Ranges 2 and 3 East Woodland - Town 25 North, Range 4 East
Freedom - Town 25 North, Range 5 East Cherry Grove - Town 25 North, Range 6 East
Shannon - Fractional Town 25 North, Range 7 East Savanna - Fractional Town 24 North, Range 3 East
Mount Carroll - Town 24 North, Range 4 East Salem - Town 24 North, Range 5 East
Rock Creek - Town 24 North, Range 6 East Lima - Fractional Town 24 North, Range 7 East
York - Fractional Town 23 North, Range 3 East and Town 23 North, Range 4 East Fair Haven - Town 23 North, Range 5 East
Wysox - Town 23 North, Range 6 East Elkhorn Grove - Town 23 North, Range 7 East

This current structure was established in 1865. Before that there were differences that impacted the 1850 and 1860 census records. In February 1850 the differences were as follows:

Washington was formed 11 Mar 1856.  Prior to then, it was part of Savanna Twp.
was included with Cherry Grove.
Rock Creek, the west half was added to Salem and the east half to Lima.
York was included in Harlem.
Fair Haven, the west half was included in Harlem, the SE was included in Wysox, and the NE was included in Salem.

For the 1850 census another township, Carroll, appears in addition to the one named Mount Carroll. He may have just abbreviated Mt. Carroll.  (See 1850 Census Error)

1935 Township Plat Maps

Townships in 1876

Railroads in Carroll County in 1892

Post Offices of Carroll County