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Prepared by Volney Armour, Esq.

   The Mathews Case. -- The first murder case that appears up on the docket of the Carroll County Circuit Court is that of the people vs James Matthews, on change of venue from Jo Daviess County.  It was first docketed for the October term, 1841.  At the October term, 1842 to the indictment was dismissed for want of witnesses.

   The next was an indictment for murder vs Thomas J. Standifer and Samuel Thompson Wheeler (also on a change of venue from Jo Daviess County), docketed at the October term, 1843.  Wheeler was tried and acquitted, October 14, 1843.  Standifer died on the 20th day of October, of the same year. 

   In 1845, John Baxter, indicted with John Long et al., in Rock Island, for murder, took a change of venue to Carroll County.  This case however, was sent back to Rock Island County, by agreement of parties. 

   In 1846, James Monnie alias Jake Monie, was indicted for murder in Jo Daviess County.  This venue was changed to Carroll, but was afterwards change to the county court of Jo Daviess County, by consent.