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The History of Carroll County Illinois, Containing A History of the County -- Its Cities, Towns, Etc. A Biographical Directory of its Citizens, War Records of its Volunteers in the Late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of the Northwest, History of Illinois, Map of Carroll County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, Etc. Illustrated. Chicago: H. F. Kett & Co., Times Building. 1878.

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History of Carroll Co. Page History of Towns Page
History of Carroll Co. 221 Mt. Carroll 336
Physical Geography 230 Savanna 359
Historical Resume 234 Thomson 365
Township Organization 260 Lanark 367
Agricultural Society 267 Church Interests  
War Record 277 Independent Orders  
Old Settlers' Association 298 Shannon 379
Swamp Lands 313 Milledgeville 383
Criminal Mention 316 Elkhorn Grove 384
Educational 320    
Railroads 323
Miscellaneous 330
Vote of County 334
Property Statement 335
Lithographic Portraits
Dame, D. W. 183 Melendey, G. S. 273
Dunn, S. S. 291 Moffett, G. 255
French, N. D. 363 Patch, B. L. 165
Hollinger, J. V. 381 Sessions, F. J. 435
Hughes, W. D. 399 Shimer, Mrs. F. A. Wood 327
Hunter, J. M. 201 Shimer, Henry 345
McDowell, F. H. 417 Shaw, Jas. 147
Mackay, D. 237 Thorp, L. S. 458
Millard, J. E. 309
Biographical Township Directory

Abbreviations for Township Directory

Co company or county P.O. Post Office
farm farmer prop proprietor
I.V.I. Illinois Volunteer Infantry S or Sec section
I.V.C. Illinois Volunteer Cavalry st. street
I.V.A. Illinois Volunteer Artillery supt. superintendent
mkr maker treas treasurer
Carroll Township 408 Savanna 427
Cherry Grove 470 Salem 489
Elkhorn 482 Shannon 475
Freedom 479 Washington 493
Fair Haven 464 Woodland 495
Lima 498 Wysox 498
Mt. Carroll City 385 York 414
Rock Creek 449 Too Lates & Errata 501