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This village, of one thousand people, is situated about fourteen miles west of Freeport, and shows evidence of thrift and enterprise. It was commenced in the Spring of 1860, by William Shannon, whose name it bears. It has five churches, a union graded school house, one hotel, five dry goods stores, three hardware stores, two drug stores, three meat markets, four restaurants, one bakery, two boot and shoe stores, one steam flouring mill, two agricultural implement houses, one cooper shop, two wagon and blacksmith shops, one bank, one barber shop, one millinery shop, three physicians, two lumber and coal dealers, three saloons, one furniture store, one jewelry store, two harness shops, etc.

The first house at Shannon was a farm house, built by -- Mastin before the village was projected. When the village plat was mapped out by the surveyor the site occupied by this house came within the limits. The growth of Shannon was slow until the railroad was established, after which its prosperity was very marked until the hard times came on. The country around in every direction is an excellent agricultural district, and highly improved. The business houses are well managed and well sustained.


The Presbyterian Church of Shannon was first organized at Loran, in Stephenson County, in 1851; removed to Spring Valley, Carroll County, then to Badger Spring, in the same county, and was finally established at Shannon, in 1866. Present membership, 45. Have a Union Sunday-school of an average attendance of 167. Superintendent, R. M. Cook; pastor, M. F. Paisley. Their house of worship was originally built by the Methodist people, of whom it was purchased, at a cost of $2,500.

United Presbyterian - This church was first organized in Cherry Grove Township, in 1856, and was established in Shannon in 1862, and built a house of worship the same year, at a cost of $1,500. Present membership, 18. Rev. T. E. Turner, pastor. Have no Sabbath-school.

St. John's Evangelical Church was organized in 1863, and a church edifice erected the same season, at a cost of $1,500. Present membership, 40. Pastor, Rev. G. C. Knobel. Sabbath-school membership, 70. Jacob Kehm, superintendent.

Methodist - The Methodist Church was organized in 1864. For several years they worshipped in the St. John's Evangelical Church building, but in 1867 erected their present house of worship, at a cost of $2,500. Present membership, 15. Rev. Mr. Trenortha, pastor. No Sabbath-school.

Church of God - In the Fall of 1875, Rev. Mr. Soule, of Mount Carroll, commenced preaching for the people of this faith, and under his ministration a powerful revival work was commenced, there being over two hundred professed conversions. These converts, together with quite a number of old professors, formed themselves into a society, known as the Christian Association of Shannon, Illinois. The officers of the society are a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The association holds weekly prayer meetings, and has preaching every two weeks by Rev. Mr. Soule. The week day meetings are well attended, as is also their preaching services. All Christian workers are invited into the society.

Catholic - The St. Vandelin Catholic Church was organized in 1870, and bought the church edifice of the Presbyterian Society. This church organization has a membership of about forty persons. Rev. Father Stinberg is pastor of the congregation, and has charge of the Sabbath-school.

Temperance - The Red Ribbon Movement, organized under the auspices of Dr. Mcolster, is doing a good work. The society numbers something over two hundred, many of whom are from those who frequented the cup. The officers are: Peter Speenburg, president; J. Johnson, vice president; Wm. Biles, Jr., corresponding secretary; H. Colvin, financial secretary; F. M. Hicks, treasurer; Chas. B. Sherwood, steward. The festival held by the ladies of the society on New Year's day and evening netted the society over $60.


A.F. and A. M. - Shannon Lodge, No. 490. The following are officers of this Lodge for the ensuing year: Christian Hines, W. M.; S. H. Butterbaugh, S. W.; Henry Flury, J. W.; James A. Shout, S. D.; Daniel B. Shore, J. D.; William Dodd, secretary; Jethro Mastin, treasurer. Regular meeting first and third Monday in each month.

I.O.O.F. - Badger Spring Lodge, No, 573, was instituted April 28, 1875. A. W. Deal, N. G.; H. Barns, V. G.; W. Corrie, P. G.; P. Hyzor, treasurer; A. H. Hyzor, P.S.; W. K. Shannon, Rec. Secy.; B.F. Shiley, W.; W. F. Kramer, C.; R. Cheasman, R. S. S.; H. Kersey, L. S. S.; J. Barnes, O. S. G.; W. G. Stroup, J. S. G.; W. Biles, R. S. P. N. G.; J. Curtis, L. S. P. N. G.; P. Forney, R. S. V. G.; V. Whisler, L. S. V. G.; Jefferson Barrs, W. G. Stroup, W. S. Cowen, H. Kersey, A. W. Deal, trustees; W. Corrie, deputy; John Leonard, chaplain. Lodge meets every Saturday evening.

I.O.G.T. - Crystal Fount Lodge of Good Templars, No. 10, was organized in March, 1871. R. M. Cook, W. C.; Mrs. S. Sherwood, W. V.; John Barnes, W. S.; Robert Willey, W. F. S.; T. P. Newcomer, W. T.; A. Culver, C.; H. F. Brockmeier, M.; Miss Ellie Florey, I. G.; John Houghey, O. G. Membership, 50. Lodge meets every Thursday evening. Lodge deputy, John D. White; P. W. C. T., James A. Shout.

Educational - The people of Shannon have never been neglectful of the educational interests of their children. A good brick school house, costing $7,000, was erected as early as 1867, in which school has been maintained nine months of each year, employing four teachers. Principal, S. B. Hursh; Gustie Newcomer, first assistant; Kittie Moran, second assistant; Mrs. E. R. Buckley, third assistant. The school is well managed, and the best of discipline enforced. As compared with the other schools of the county, the Shannon School ranks high.

School Board - R. M. Cook, president; A. W. Deal, director; William Biles, director; Daniel Echhattz, treasurer.

Village Officers - Peter Speenburgh, president; R. M. Cook, A. S. Lashell, C. Hines, Amos Yager, trustees; Dr. J. Maston, clerk; S. H. Butterbaugh, treasurer; police magistrate, J. Sweigard; police constable, Wm. Black; street commissioner, Geo. Whitmore; postmaster, T. P. Newcomer.