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The Elkhorn Grove mills are situated on Elkhorn Creek, section 31, in Elkhorn Grove Township. They are owned by Fisher and J. F. Allison. They were originally erected in 1866, at a cost of $7,000. They have a capacity of one hundred and forty-four bushels per day, equal to nearly thirty barrels. In February, 1872, when the upper story of the mill was weighted down with grain, there came a fearful wind storm that so racked the mill that the joists gave way, letting the entire floor and its contents down upon the stove, from which a fire started that destroyed the entire building. Dr. W. K. Palmer, William L. Johnson, Matt. Deiterlee and Joseph Lukens, the miller, were in the store room at the time. Lukens escaped through the flume. Dr. Palmer was killed by the falling of the floor, and was horribly burned before his body could be rescued. Deiterlee was slightly burned, and Johnson badly burned about the head, neck, face and hands. They had been wedged in by the falling mass, and were unable to extricate themselves from the burning debris until the increasing heat gave them unnatural strength, when they got away, more dead than alive. Lukens was so frightened as to be unable to render them any assistance. In addition, he was in bad health, and Dr. Palmer had called to treat him professionally. The loss to Fisher Allison was about $6,000, and to the customers of the mill about $1,500. There was no insurance on the mill and the customers made no claim against Mr. Allison for damages. The mills were rebuilt the following Fall, by Fisher Allison, his son, Joseph F., the present county treasurer, becoming a partner in their re-erection and subsequent management.

Elkhorn Grove Post-office is the only post-office in the township.

South Elkhorn Grove Methodist Church was organized in 1845. The society was organized and they had preaching in the Summer of 1838. Father McKean, who was on this circuit, preached the first sermon in 1836.

The old Centre school house was built in 1835, and the society worshipped in that until the church was built. The church was commenced in 1845, and completed at a cost of about $600, the building committee being Messrs. McNamer, Hawes and Steffins.

The Elkhorn Grove Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized in the Town of Elkhorn Grove, Carroll County, April 17, 1769, electing nine directors for the term of one year as follows: Henry Smith, M. Z. Landon, Lewis Reynolds, Naaman Woodin, A. H. Healy, Joseph Steffins, John H. Haws, William Lowry and Fisher Allison, they choosing from their number Henry Smith, president; William Lowry, secretary, and Joseph Steffins, treasurer. The present officers are: M. Z. Landon, A. H. Kealz, Lewis Reynolds, William Lowry, Aaron Huff, Joseph Snook, Hiram McNamer, Naaman Woodin and L. S. Thorp, directors; Miles Z. Landon, president; L. S. Thorp, secretary; Naaman Woodin, treasurer; William Lowry, agent. The company has issued sixty-nine policies, covering an insurance of $101,941.01, up to January 5, 1878, and have sustained one small loss of $350, which was promptly paid. The total cost to the policy holders, in fees and assessments, has not exceeded $8.00 as an average, an exceedingly favorable commentary on the wisdom of our state legislature in enacting a law enabling the citizens of the towns to organize themselves as an insurance company.

Fremont, in this township has one store, a blacksmith shop, and a few scattering houses.