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ALLEN Samuel, laborer; Savanna.
ANDERSON Paul, stone mason; Savanna.
APPLEBY J, laborer; Savanna.
ARMSTRONG Guy S. merchant; Savanna.
ATKINS Jas. C. Grocer and Confectioner; Savanna; born in Madison Co., Ill., March 15, 1838; came to this Co. in 1845, and was among the earliest settlers; married Miss M.C. Oman, of Janesville, Wis., Feb. 17, 1864; they have one son, Henry O.; Mr. A. served abut two years in the late Rebellion, Co. C, 45th I.V.I.; he was wounded at Ft. Donelson.

BAGGS Henry, farmer; Savanna.
BARTLETT Chas. teamster; Savanna.
BARTLETT Ed. teamster; Savanna.
BARTLETT Enoch, stone mason; Savanna.
BENNETT Eli, farmer; Savanna.
BENNETT L.D. farmer; Savanna.
BENNEFIELD J.F. farm; Sec. 4; P.O. Savanna.
BEMIS L.W. real estate agent; Savanna.
BERRY Ed, laborer; Savanna.
BERRY Wm. laborer; Savanna.
BENJAMAN Henry A. fisherman; Savanna.
BENJAMAN John, fisherman; Savanna.
BLINEBERRY Geo. A. carpenter; Savanna.
BLINEBERRY Geo. W. carpenter, Savanna.
BOWEN D.L. Contractor and Builder; Savanna; born in Herkimer Co., N.Y., Oct. 29, 1816; left there at the age of 17; moved to Ill., to Carroll Co., in 1835; was one of the earliest settlers there being but three families in the neighborhood when he came--Aaron Pierce, Geo. Davidson and Wm. Blundle, none of whom are living in the Co.; has made his home at Savanna for over 42 years, and there are very few persons now living in this Co. who were here when he came; he married Miss Sila, daughter of Aaron Pierce, she now being the oldest settler in Carroll Co., coming here with her parents in 1828; Mr. Bowen is the architect and builder of the beautiful High School Building of this town, also of the Methodist and Congregational Churches, and many other buildings; he owns and runs planing mill, across the river, at Sabula, Iowa; was on the first jury ever empaneled in Carroll Co.; has held the office of County Commissioner and other offices of trust; they have four children, three sons and one daughter: L.W., Emma L., A.P. and Frank.
BOWEN L.S. merchant; Savanna.
BOWMAN John S. Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Savanna; born in Lebanon Co., Pa., May 9, 1849; came to this Co. in 1861; owns 80 acres land, valued at $1,000; married Miss Salenna, daughter of W.L.B. Jenks; she was born in this Co., in March, 1849; they were married Jan. 29, 1872; have two children: Wm. D. and Annie Bell.
BRISTOL Geo. W. clerk; Savanna.
BROBECK E. fisherman; Savanna.
BROWN John, teamster; Savanna.
BROWN Wm. blacksmith; Savanna.

CABLE Geo. laborer; Savanna.
CAMPBELL Jas. R.R. conductor; Savanna.
CHAMBERS F.A. hotel clerk; Savanna.
CHAMBERS Fred, Proprietor and owner of the Chambers House, Savanna; was born in Kent Co., Eng., Dec. 10, 1820, and with his parents emigrated to Mina, Chatauqua Co., N.Y., when quite young; when about 20 years old, he started West, landing in Chicago in May, 1840, Galena, Ill., being his destination; for want of conveyance, he left Chicago on foot, and on the way stopped over night at the Pierce House, Savanna; next morning he chanced to see the landlady chopping wood to prepare breakfast, and, volunteering his services, accidentally almost cut his foot off entirely off; by this he was disabled for three months from further pursuit of his journey, and was fixed for the future as a permanent resident of Savanna. In Dec., 1846, he married Miss Laura M. Strong, a native of Crawford Co., Pa., they have two sons and three daughters living: Jessie E., Fred A., William E., Mabel and Emma; after laboring for some time as a day hand, he embarked in business as a merchant, grain buyer, and also in the manufacture of powder; while in this latter business, hes powder mill blew up three times, and his escape from being blown up with it was narrow.
CHAPIN Lewis, laborer; Savanna.
CHAPIN Lorin, laborer; Savanna.
CHAPMAN H. farm; Sec. 28; P.O. Savanna.
CHIPMAN Jas. M. drayman; Savanna.
CHURCH C.H. farmer; Savanna.
CHURCH Geo. farmer; Savanna.
CLARK Ira, drayman; Savanna.
CLIFT J.R., R.R. carpenter; Savanna.
COATES A. laborer; Savanna.
COOLEY J.A. Butcher; Savanna; born in Chatauqua Co., N.Y., Aug. 23, 1832; came to this Co. in 1853; since coming here, he has been engaged in grain, stock and butcher business; married Miss Frances, daughter of Henry B. Harmon, one of the oldest settlers of the Co.; she was born in Mass., April 26, 1837; they were married Jan. 6, 1855; they have five children living, having lost two: Henry E., John A., Elmer, and Charles A, and Mary E. (twins); deceased, Clara and Calley; was School Director four years, Commissioner of Highways two years, and School Trustee two years.
COOLEY Capt. Stoughton, Retired; Savanna; born in Chatauqua Co., N.Y., July 9, 1822; he removed to Ohio in 1840; remained there about four years; came to this Co. in 1851; was engaged in steamboating on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers about 11 years; was captain on the "W.F. Curtis;" also built the steamboat "Tensas;" married Miss Clara May, Oct. 18, 1842; she was born in Washington Co., Pa.; they have five sons: W.W., now captain of the "Tensas," navigating the Mississippi and tributaries; R. Emmett, engineer on "Tensas; L.V., clerk on "Tensas;" Stoughton and Gilbert, attending school.
CROSS J.C. clerk; Savanna.
CURRAN Pat. section foreman W.U.R.R.; Savanna.

DANIELS Clark, fisherman; Savanna.
DANIEL Jackson C. Retired; Savanna; born in Wilson Co., Tenn., March 15, 1815; moved to Jo Daviess Co. in 1846, and to this Co. in Feb., 1870; is Justice of the Peace; married Mrs. Nancy Turner, widow of George, June 26, 1829; she was born in Adair Co., Ky., March 22, 1814; they have three daughters: Sarah A. (now Mrs. John Westfall); Amanda V. now (Mrs. Chas. Morse); Lucy M. (now Mrs. Thos. Jenks.)
DAVIS Benj. farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Savanna.
DAVIS D. laborer; Savanna.
DEWOLF Frank C. Proprietor Planing Mill; Savanna; born in Moline, Rock Island Co., Nov. 19, 1849; came to this Co. in 1851; has remained here ever since; married Miss Frances Rose, who was born in this Co.; they were married March 22, 1874; have one son, Charles R., born March 5, 1875.
DOHONEY Michael, R.R. pile-driver engineer; Savanna.
DOTY Jos. farmer; Sec. 1; P.O. Savanna.
DOW Rev. John, preacher; Savanna.
DUPUIS M. Lumber Dealer; Savanna; born in Canada, Nov. 3, 1813; left there and went to Gratiot Grove, Wis., in 1832; remained there about one year, and then removed to Galena, Ill.; Mr. D. served in the Black Hawk War; came to this Co. in May, 1845, and has remained here ever since; has been engaged in the lumber business at Savanna since 1847, and is one of the oldest settlers; married Miss Sarah A. Woodruff, from Marlborough, Mass.; they were married March 29, 1851; have four sons and three daughters: Thos. F., M. W., Sarah Denise, Eber, Jeannette, Mary S. and Newton; Mr. D. was the first Mayor of Savanna; was Supervisor three terms, Town Clerk one term, and School Director three times.
DUNN L. laborer; Svanna.
DYER N.C. miller (wood); Savanna.

ELLIOTT Isaac, blacksmith; Savanna.
ELLIOTT Jas. L. laborer; Savanna.
ELLIS Wm. laborer; Savanna.
ELLITHORPE Volney, laborer; Savanna.
ENGLISH Jas., R.R. laborer; Savanna.
ENGLISH Jas., Jr., R.R. laborer; Savanna.
EVERT Fred, carpenter; Savanna.
EYMER Erastus D. laborer; Savnna.

FINK John, student; Savanna.
FINK J.E. lawyer; Savanna.
FITCH F.W., R.R. agent; Savanna.
FOX Matt. R.R. switchman; Savanna.
FRAZIER Wm. R.R. watchman; Savanna.
FUNK Milton, Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Savanna; born in Pickaway Co., Ohio, May 18, 1835; came to this Co. in Aug., 1861; owns 80 acres land, valued at $1,600; married Mary Corney, who was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., March 22, 1842; they were married Dec. 24, 1863; they have five children: Ellen, Robert, Viola, Mina and Walter.
FULLER J.W. farmer; Sec. 11; P.O.Savanna.
FULLER Jno. Retired; Savanna; born in Kennebec Co., Maine, Now. 21, 1812; came to Ill., to Tazewell Co., in Dec., 1836, and to this Co. in March, 1837; has remained here ever since, and is one of the oldest settlers; married Miss Sarah Ashby; she was born in Canada, Sept. 20, 1823; they were married in Jan., 1840; have seven children living: Angeline, John W., Franklin, George, Orrin, Minnie, and Alice; Mr. F. is Trustee of the M.E. Church at Savanna, and has been for about ten yers.

GEIGUS John N. Merchant; Savanna; born in Switzerland, Nov. 26, 1830; came to the U.S. and to N.Y. in 1853; to this Co. in 1856; carried the U.S. mail between Savanna and Freeport two years; married Miss Caroline Washmund, Aug. 31, 1858; she was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, July 24, 1841; have two daughters: Mary and Clarabell.
GILBERT B.H. clerk; Savanna.
GILBERT L. laborer; Savanna.
GORMAN M.L. railroad engineer; Savanna.
GRAYLESS James, laborer; Savanna.
GREENLEAF Simon, Editor and Proprietor of Savanna Times; Savanna; born in Penobscot Co., Me., May 3, 1822; came West in 1851, and located in Shakopie, Minn.; remained there until 1863, and then removed to Davenport, Iowa; removed to Racine, Wis., in 1865, and remained there until 1867; then came to Savanna; he took charge of the Times in 1875; has been Justice of the Peace and School Director about six years; in 1846 he married Miss Frances J. Foss; she is a native of N.H., born Aug. 13, 1824; they have five sons and one daughter: Frederick W., Henry H., Ada E., Oliver W., Frank S. and Edward P.
GREENLEAF O.W. printer; Savanna.
GRIFFITHS G. foreman R.R. car shops Savanna.
GROATH C. farmer; Sec. 3; P.O. Savanna.
GUNN L. laborer; Savanna.
GUNTHER Matt, stone-mason; Savanna.

HAAS George, Sr., gardener; Savanna.
HASS Geo. Furniture Dealer; Savanna; born in Lehigh Co., Pa., Nov. 13, 1832; he came to Jo Daviess Co., Ill., in 1843, and to this Co. in 1865; has been in the furniture business here for the past 12 years; his wife's maiden name was Phoebe A. Miller; she was born in Jo Daviess Co., Ill., July 19, 1846; they were married July 19, 1865; he has two children by former marriage, and three children by present marriage.
HALL Fred, laborer; Savanna.
HALL J.H. laborer, Savanna.
HAMMOND John, school teacher; Savanna.
HAMMOND Robert, Farmer; Sec. 36; P.O. Savanna; born in Monaghan Co., Ireland, in 1815; came to the U.S. and to St. Louis in the Fall of 1848; remained there until the Spring of 1849, and then removed to Galena, Ill., and to this Co. in 1861; he owns 648 acres, valued at $16,200; he married Miss Sarah McKnight, Sept. 7, 1848; she was born in the same Co., in 1827; they have six sons and one daughter: John, born July 29, 1849; Robert, May 6, 1852; Emily, Oct. 12, ----, Alexander, Dec. 19, 1857; William, March 6, 1859; David, June 26, 1861; Albert, June 17, 1865.
HAMMOND R., Jr.; farm; S.36; P.O. Savanna.
HANKERSON Geo. farmer; P.O.Savanna.
HARKINS Patrick, railroad laborer; Savanna.
HARTSAUGH Gilbert, teamster; Savanna.
HARTSAUGH Henry, teamster; Savanna.
HARTSAUGH Joseph, teamster; Savanna.
HARTSAUGH William, teamster; Savanna.
HATFIELD A.D. farmer; Sec. 11; P.O.Savanna.
HATFIELD F. farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Savanna.
HEFFLEBOWER S. railroad laborer; Savanna.
HIBBARD R., W.U. tel. operator; Savanna.
HICKS H.C. plasterer; Savanna.
HICKS Seth, plasterer; Savanna.
HOFFMAN A. laborer; Savanna.
HOFFMAN Charles, laborer; Savanna.
HOLLAND A. merchant's clerk; Savanna.
HOLLAND B.J. merchant; Savanna.
HOWE C.L. Merchant; P.O. Savanna.
HUBBLE Calvin, quarryman; Savanna.
HUBBLE James, renter; Savanna.
HULLET John, laborer; Savanna.
HUSHMILLER George P. farmer; P.O.Savanna.

IDEN William H. farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Savanna.
IDEN James H. Farmer; Sec. 23; P.O. Savanna; born in London Co., Va., Jan. 19, 1824; came to this state, to Hancock Co., in 1846; to this Co. in August, 1848; owns 176 acres, valued at $4,300; married Miss Sarah Bostwick, who was born in Orleans Co., N.Y., May 29, 1828; they were married March 27, 1847; have a family of six children two sons and four daughters: Julia V., Leona I., William V., Louella, Minnie G. and Douglass.

JENKS F.M. merchant; Savanna.
JENKS Thomas, farmer; P.O. Savanna.
JENKS W.L.B. Farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Savanna; born in Beverly, Randolph Co., Va., Aug. 13, 1815; he came to this state and to Rock Island in Dec., 1836, and to this Co. in 1838; is one of the oldest settlers; kept tavern from that time until 1850; in 1852 he commenced steamboating on the Mississippi River, which he continued at, off and on, until 1861; owns 735 acres of land in this township, valued at $26,600; has been married three times; has 6 children; Alonzo, Salenna, William, Thomas, Brown and George; he was the first county treasurer of this Co., and was postmaster under Taylor's administration.
JENSON S. railroad laborer; Savanna.
JOHNSON G.W. physician; Savanna.
JORDAN N.W. railroad fireman; Savanna.

KELLER Charles F. brewer; Savanna.
KEARNEY Frank, Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Savanna; born in Jo Daviess Co., Ill., March 16, 1844; came to this Co. in 1858; owns 228 acres, valued at $6,840; married Miss Helen Gray, who was born in N.Y., March 18, 1842; they were married in May, 1866; have five children, Myrtle, Reugen H., Nellie May and Franklin; was school director one term, and is now road commissioner; he served three years in late Rebellion, in Co. C, 92d I.V.I.
KELLER Jos. Proprietor Eagle Brewery; Savann; born in Prussia, Germany, in 1812; came to the U.S. in 1842; his brewery was started in 1868; he manufactures about 2,000 barrels of beer per year; he ships his beer principally to Mt. Carroll, Shannon, Lanark, Thompson, Hanover, Elizabeth, and a considerable amount to Iowa.
KELLER Lewis, laborer; Savanna.
KELLOGG A. farmer; Sec. 35; P.O.Savanna.
KELLOGG Charles, druggist; Savanna.
KELLOGG F.E. farmer; Sec.35; P.O. Savanna.
KELLOGG G.W. farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Savanna.
KELLY Thomas, laborer; Savanna.
KITCHING W. miller, Savanna Mills; Savanna.

LAW Thomas, Savanna.
LAW Wm. B. Proprietor Blue Glass Billiard Hall; Savanna; born in the Co. Fermanaugh, Ireland; came to the U.S. and to this Co. in 1869; married Miss Sarah J. Law; she was born in this Co.; they were married in Feb., 1871; they have one son, William George, born Nov. 25, 1871.
LAW W.T. Merchant; Savanna; born in Carroll Co., Ill., Sept. 12, 1848; has been engaged in the grocery business here for the past 7 years; married Miss Elizabeth E. Irwin, Sept. 14, 1871; she was born July 12, 1852; have three children, two sons and one daughter: Irwin H., Annie, and baby not yet named.
LAWSON John, merchant tailor; Savanna.
LINES John, railroad engineer; Savanna.
LISTER Jos. sewing machine agent; Savanna.
LONGWAY Julius, laborer; Savanna.
LOOP W.F. farmer; P.O. Savanna.
LOOPS Edward, railroad laborer; Savanna.
LORD George W. Farmer; Sec. 11; P.O.Savanna; born in Savanna Tp., Sept. 9, 1845; his father, Nathan K., came to Savanna, Oct. 15, 1835; he entered the land they now live on, and was driven twice from Savanna to Galena by Indians, and always lived here until his death, which occurred Oct. 22, 1875; born in Crawford Co., Pa., and came out on the first boat ever run on the Erie Canal; George W. served eight months in the late Rebellion, in Co. D. 153d I.V.I.; he married Cordelia M. Humphrey, Nov. 4, 1869; they have four sons: Charles, born Aug. 25, 1870; John, July 31, 1872; William H., Sept. 28, 1874; George W., Jr., Sept. 4, 1876.
LORD Wm. farmer; Sec. 11; P.O.Savanna.
LUCAS Wm. railroad laborer; Savanna.
LYTTLE J.G. jeweler; Savanna.

McCRACKEN J.M.B. steamboat captain; Savanna.
McGRAIL Jos. railroad machinist; Savanna.
McGRATH Jno. railroad switchman; Savanna.
McRAE Daniel, teamster; Savanna.
McRae John, barber; Savanna.
McRae Wm. railroad car repairer; Savanna.
MABERLY E.H. printer; Savanna.
MACHEN George N. merchant; Savanna.
MACHEN Wm. farmer; P.O. Savanna.
MAHOOD Geo. school teacher and town officer; Savanna.
MANNING George, bar-tender; Savanna.
MARKEY Peter, railroad switchman; Savanna.
MARKWELL S.A. railroad car repairer; Savanna.
MASTIN Geo. C. Principal of High School; Savanna.
MEARES Owen, laborer; Savanna.
MEARES P.H. blacksmith; Savanna.
MEARES Thomas, laborer; Savanna.
MERRILL J.W. Attorney at Law; Savanna.
MICHAEL Martin, fisherman; Savanna.
MILLER Conrad, farmer; P.O. Savanna.
MILLER George E. physician; Savanna.
MITCHEL W.M. fisherman; Savanna.
MORGAN Anthony, railroad laborer; Savanna.
MORGAN Daniel M. fisherman; Savanna.
MONETAY Chris, fisherman; Savanna.
MOOREHEAD Stuart, renter; Savanna.
MORSE Chas. Proprietor Sash and Blind Factory; Savanna; born in Broom Co., N.Y., June 9, 1851; came to this Co. in May, 1873; married Miss Amanda Daniel; she was born in the town of Stockton, Jo Daviess Co., Ill., Nov. 12, 1852; they were married March 22, 1876; he has one son, De Forrest, born Jan. 22, 1877.
MORSE Russel, lumberman; Savanna.
MULLEN Patrick, railroad laborer; Savanna.
MULLEN Wm. railroad laborer; Savanna.
MYERS Godfrey, Savanna.
MYERS Smith, farmer; Sec. 12; P.O.Savanna.

OMAN H. merchant; Savanna.
ORR John, Police Magistrate; Savanna; born in Franklin Co., Mass., Feb., 27, 1814; came to this town and Co. in Oct., 1836, and is one of the oldest settlers now living; married Miss Susan Bennet; she was born in Franklin Co., Vt., in Sept., 1816; they were married in Feb., 1835, at her home in Vt.; they have no family; lost one daughter.
OSBORN James, harness maker; Savanna.
OWEN C.H. car inspector; Savanna.
OWENS Nelson, railroad fireman; Savanna.

PATTERSON Samuel, laborer; Savanna.
PEASE M.S. carpenter; Savanna.
PEASE W.S. carpenter; Savanna.
PULFORD B. druggist; Savanna.
PULVER Charles, merchant; Savanna.
PULFORD Jas. railroad car repairer; Savanna.
PULFORD Jerry, railroad laborer; Savanna.
PULFORD Sam'l, steamboar engineer; Savanna.

QUINN Patrick, railroad laborer; Savanna.

RAE John, farmer; P.O. Savanna.
RAMOND Moses, Jr. laborer; Savanna.
RAMOND Moses, Sr., laborer; Savanna.
RAYMOND Joseph, laborer; Savanna.
REAUGH Alfred, blacksmith; Savanna.
REDIG Jacob, shoemaker; Savanna.
RHODES H.C. lumberman; Savanna.
RHODES Captain J.B.; Savanna; born in Columbus Co., O., in Nov., 1817; came to Savanna in July, 1841, where he first engaged as a clerk in the store of J.W. White, with whom he remained seventeen months and a half, or until about March 1, 1843; then engaged in the sheep trade--going to Ohio and bringing out a large drove; after disposing of his sheep interest, upon which he made a reasonably fair profit, he re-engaged as a clerk for eight months, with White's successor in business, and then became a partner; the partnership continued one year, when Captain Rhodes bought out the interests of his partners and became sole proprietor for six years; selling out at the end of that time, he remained out of business two years, and then formed a partnership with W.L.B. Jinks, with whom he remained in business until 1852, when he sold out and engaged in steamboating, buying an interest in the steamboat "Martha No. 2," and has remained in that business ever since; during these years, Captain Rhodes was called twice to serve the people of the Co. in an official capacity, being elected Sheriff in 1846, and again in 1848; since his settlement here in 1841, he has been closely identified with the interests of the town of his home and the Co. at large; in March, 1846, married Miss Mary Jane Pierce, the first white child born in the territory now embraced in Carroll Co., who was born in the old Indian council house; Mrs. Rhodes died Nov. 14, 1877.
RHODES Wm.P. Lumber Dealer; Savanna.
RICHARDSON Robert, blacksmith; Savanna.
RICKARD J. railroad engineer; Savanna.
RITCHEY William, laborer; Savanna.
ROBINSON J.R. steamboat clerk; Savanna.
RODEE I.M. railroad carpenter; Savanna.
ROURKE Jerry, railroad laborer; Savanna.
RUNYAN Joseph, laborer and boarding -house proprietor; Savanna.
RUSSELL Charles, laborer; Savanna.

SARTWELL Homer, farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Savanna.
SATTLER Peter, carpenter; Savanna.
SATTLER William, laborer; Savanna.
SCHOOL Fred, retired merchant; Savanna.
SHADLE Levi, laborer; Savanna.
SHEPARD Martin, Farmer; Sec. 36; Savanna; born in the Town of Butler, Wayne Co., N.Y., Feb. 23, 1835; came to Carroll Co., in July, 1848; owns 600 acres; manufactured 2,500 gallons of molasses this Fall; married Miss Adelia J. Bennett, May 10, 1854; she was born in Essex Co., Vt., June 12, 1835; they have four sons and four daughters: Addie R., born Feb. 15, 1857; Sheron, Jan. 27, 1859; John E., Aug. 28, 1861; Martin, Dec. 15, 1863; U. Grant, Oct. 20, 1866; Annie L., Aug. 25, 1869; Beulah B., Dec. 9, 1874; Adelia J., May 18, 1877.
SHAY John, carpenter; Savanna.
SINCLAIR Edward, carpenter, Savanna.
SMITH D.C. merchant's clerk; Savanna.
SMITH Frank, fisherman; Savanna.
SMITH James R. fisherman; Savanna.
SMITH John, farmer; P.O. Savanna.
SMITH W.C. laborer; Savanna.
SMITH W.F. carpenter; Savanna.
SMITH W.H. carpenter;Savanna.
STEBLER Nicholas, Saloon and Billiard Hall; Savanna; born in Switzerland; came to the U.S. and to New Orleans in 1849; to this Co. in July, 1852; has been married twice; his present wife was Lyda Kehl; she was born in Pottsville, Pa., March 17, 1841; they were married in Oct., 1868.
STEDMAN Albert, Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Savanna; born in Jefferson Co., N.Y., March 17, 1811; came to Oneco, Stephenson Co., Ill., in the Fall of 1839, and to this Co., in May, 1845; is one of the oldest settlers; owns 352 acres, valued at $8,800; married Miss Jane Buchanan, who was born in Ontario, Co., N.Y., May 21, 1816; they were married in Nov., 1834; have nine children, four sons and five daughters: Franklin, Caroline, Adaline, Louisa, Hattie, George, Emma, Ira and Lincoln.
STEDMAN Frank, Town Clerk and Clerk in the W.U.R.R. Freight Office; Savanna; born in Ontario Co., N.Y., Oct. 30, 1835; came to Oneco, Stephenson Co., Ill., in 1846; married Miss Mary Sargent, in 1862; she was born in this Co.; have two sons: Harry and Kleber; lost one daugher, Rosa.
St. John S.S. saloon keeper; Savanna.
STEMMER James H., R.R. painter; Savanna.
SODDARD G.H. merchant and P.M; Savanna.
STRANSKY A.J. machinist; Savanna.
STRANSKY John A. Wagonmaking, Blacksmithing and Repairing, Savanna; born in Bohemia, March 23, 1841; came to the U.S. and to Racine, Wis., in Nov., 1854, and to this Co., April 28, 1865; has been in business here ever since; married Miss Margaret Krodell, Nov. 11, 1872; she was born in Jo Daviess Co., Ill., they have two children, twins: Julia I and Annie M.
STUBE John, saloon keeper; Savanna.

TAYLOR L.J. constable; Savanna.
TAYLOR Pliney, butcher; Savanna.
THAIN Kasper, wagon maker; Savanna.
TRUSINGER Ulrich, laborer; Savanna.
TURNER Cal. laborer; Savanna.

UNYER Joseph, laborer; Savanna.
UPCHURCH R.L. painter; Savanna.

VANBETTER A.C. steamboat engineer; Savanna.
VANBETTER Geo. steamboat engineer; Savanna.
VERSITY Jacob, R.R. laborer; Savanna.

WEBER J.G. wagon maker; Savanna.
WESTBROOK L.H. merchant; Savanna.
WHITTEN George, farmer; Savanna.
WHITTY Michael, laborer; Savanna.
WILDER R.L. laborer; Savanna.
WILDER W. laborer; Savanna.
WILLIAMS William, farmer; Savanna.
WITHART Joseph F. butcher; Savanna.
WOOD Jerry, banker; Savanna.
WOODRUFF Dr. E. Physician; Savanna; born in Montgomery, Orange Co., N.Y. Feb. 1, 1815; commenced the study of medicine when about 18 years of age, with Dr. Eager, of Montgomery, N.Y., and graduated at the age of 21, at Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia; left N.Y. in Sept., 1836, and located at Joliet, Will Co., Ill., where he remained one year, and then came here and has made Savanna his home ever since; in 1842, he married Miss Emma Eddowes, a native of Pa.
WOODRUFF I.S. proprietor Woodruff House; Savanna.
WOOSTER Jacob, saloon keeper; Savanna.