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Abbott J. W. blacksmith.
Abbott T. J., R. R. hand.
Ackerman Daniel, laborer.
Ackerman John, Sr., teamster.
Adair John M. clerk in State Legislature.
Aikins B. F. laborer.
Aikins Eli, mason.
Albion Nicholas.
Albright Abraham, drayman.
Albright Jacob, mason.
Albright S. John, harness maker.
Allison Joseph F., County Treasurer; born near Toronto, Canada, October 19, 1838; came to the States in infancy; came to Carroll Co. in 1840, and has lived here 37 years; one of the early settlers; was in the army during the Rebellion - in 15th Regt. I. V. I., Co. H; was wounded at Hatchee River, Tenn., and at Champion Hills, Miss.; was in battle Pittsburg Landing, sieve Vicksburg, Corinth and Atlanta; was elected Circuit Clerk, 1868; was elected Treasurer of Carroll Co., 1873, and re-elected, 1875 and 1877; married Miss Hattie A. Dodge, from Rockford, Winnebago Co., Ill., Sept. 28, 1866; they have two children, Cora Frances, born June 15, 1870; Waite Fisher, Aug. 10, 1872.
Abb George D., Brickmaker, born in Fulton Co., Penn., Feb. 26, 1839; lived there 14 years, and came to Mt. Carroll, 1854; worked for J. Hallett & Bro. making brick; drove stage for J. F. Chapman, from here to Polo, Freeport and Savanna; learned milling business; has been foreman in brickyard, J. Hallett, many years; married Mary E. Abbott, March 5, 1861; she was born in Franklin Co., Pa., May 26, 1841; they have five children: John W., born Dec. 20, 1861; Mary C., Nov. 21, 1863; Ellen E., Oct. 15, 1865; Anna May, March 5, 1869; George Warren, July 14, 1874.
Arb John, laborer.
Armour V., lawyer.
Ashway Henry, Born in Franklin Co., Penn., Feb. 26, 1826; lived there 25 years; was engaged in mercantile business and dealing in stocks; came to Carroll Co. Fall of 1853; engaged in hotel business; run stage line from Freeport to Savanna; has been largely interested in lands in this and adjoining counties in Iowa, also in raising and dealing in stock; has been engaged in banking business for the past 15 years, and has been connected with the First National Bank since its organization, and its present vice president.
Austin C. D., painter
Bailey R. G., attorney.
Bailey Ansel, Retired; born Warren Co., N. Y., May 4, 1821; lived there 17 years, and six of them in family came by team all the way here, and arrived Nov. 15, 1839; one earliest settlers; Savanna was the only town in the county; squatted on unimproved land, none of the land being surveyed into sections; entered land from government; he owns 325 acres in Fair Haven and 80 acres in York; used to haul grain to Chicago, and has sold wheat at 25c in trade; beef $1.00 per cwt.; hogs $1.50; has held office Commissioner of Highways, school offices, Alderman, and was elected Mayor of Mt. Carroll; his first wife was Catherine Balcoom from N. Y.; his present wife was Mrs. Antonette Stevens, formerly Antonette Miller, from Bradford Co., Pa.; she has two children; he has four children: Mrs. Anna Graham, Mrs. Ettie Masters, Charlie, Nora, Myrtie A., Maggie M.
Baird John, Jr., laborer.
Baird Capt. Wm. P., Born Erie Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 1813, twenty days after Commodore Perry's victory on Lake Erie; lived in Penn. thirty-seven years; engaged in farming and hotel business; came to Carroll Co. Nov. 1852; came to Chicago on steamboat "Hendrik Hudson;" engaged in mercantile business some years and kept hotel thirteen years; is engaged quite extensively in culture of small fruits and grapes; raised from 7,000 to 8,000 pounds of grapes this year; he held commission of Captain, under Gov. Porter, of Penn. State Militia; holds office Collector this town; married Sarah A. Neeley, from Erie Co., Penn. in 1841; she died, 1870; has three children, Hattie, W. Henry, John N.; lost one daughter.
Baird W. H., veterinary surgeon.
Bawden Collan, Carriage Making; born in County Cornwall, England, March 30, 1839; came to this country, 1846; came to this state, town of Elizabeth, Jo Daviess Co., and lived there fourteen years; came to this Co. 1860; enlisted in the army in 1862, in 92d Regt., I. V. I.; entered the musical service and was appointed chief musician and leader of cornet band; was with the regiment all through the service and never had a furlough; married Miss Anna Kneal, from this Co., Feb. 27, 1872; she was born Sept. 3, 1847; they have two children, Grace Maria, born Feb. 17, 1873; Arthur Collan, Dec. 29, 1875.
Beardsley George, farmer.
Beardsly O. S., distiller.
Beaver H. F., Beaver Bros. Dry Good and Clothing; born Franklin Co., Penn., August 18, 1849; came to this Co. at early age, and has lived here twenty-seven years; has been engaged in business here for past eight years; married Miss R. H. Lumm, from Sterling, Whiteside Co., Sept. 24, 1871; the have three children, Jessie R., Roy and Bessie. Chas. E. Beaver, of Beaver Bros. Dry Goods and Clothing, was born in Carroll Co., May 30, 1855; has lived in this Co. twenty-two years; engaged in business in 1876; married Miss Addie Montgomery, from Lancaster Co., Penn., Dec. 7, 1876; they have one daughter, Edna G., born Sept. 10, 1877.
Beaver Jackson, Father of the above; was born Franklin Co., Penn.; came to this Co., 1851; he was in army, 34th Regt. I. V. I., Co. I; was slightly wounded at battle of Shiloh; died 1868; his wife, Mrs. Hannah Beaver, died here the same year.
Becker David, Marble Works; born Trenton, Oneida Co., N. Y., March 1, 1803; he lived there and in Jefferson Co. for twenty-two years; then moved to Penn. for fifteen years; came to Illinois, to Carroll Co., in 1842; one of the early settlers and the first person that settled in the Town of Rock Creek, and he gave the name to that town, and entered land from the government; he was appointed Postmaster under President Van Buren; used to cart his grain to Chicago, as there was no market; he has bought corn at ten cents a bushel and carted to Galena market; he has been married three times; his first wife was Polly Herrick; they had one child; his second wife was Fanny Benham; they had six children; married his present wife, Lucy E. Lowell, from Iowa, in 1868; died Dec. 26, 1877.
Becker E. T. E., Attorney at Law; born Bradford Co., Penn., April 28, 1833; lived there ten years; removed to Illinois, to Carroll Co., July, 1843; has lived here over thirty-four years; one of the early settlers; only few here now that were here when he came; has been engaged in practice of his profession here for ten years; held office Town Clerk, Justice of the Peace and Road Commissioner; enlisted in 92d Regt. Illinois Mounted Infantry, Co. I, and was unanimously elected its Captain; he was in battle Chicamauga and in number of fights and skirmishes; has held office Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue; holds office Justice of the Peace; married Miss Sarah C. Osworth, from Bradford Co., Penn., Dec. 29, 1867; they have two children, Ola, born Nov. 27, 1868; Sarah C., Oct. 10, 1874.
Beeler Dr. W. J., Dentist; born in Carroll Co., Aug. 12, 1853; he received his education here and studied dentistry for two years, Dr. Dean being his preceptor; he went to Utah and California in 1871, and practiced his profession in both places; returned in 1874, and resumed his profession here; his mother, Mrs. Sophia Beeler, daughter of Daniel Christian, one of the early settlers, was born in Washington Co., Md.; came to this Co., 1838; she married Abraham Beeler, from Washington Co., Md., Nov. 26, 1846; he was in army; Quartermaster; afterwards Paymaster; rank of Major; he was killed Oct. 27, 1864, by Guerrillas on Mississippi River, at Randolph, below Memphis; they attempted to capture the steamer "Belle of St. Louis," but owing to the bravery of Majors Beeler and Smith the steamer and passengers were saved; they have five sons, all living.
Beltzer Jacob, laborer.
Berkley Thomas, wheel-wright.
Bitner Henry, Farmer and Stock Raiser; born Franklin Co., Penn., April 16, 1829; lived there twenty-two years; came to Carroll Co., April, 1851; was engaged in teaching and picture business; was in drug business for eight years; he is now engaged farming and stock raising, giving special attention to raising hogs, and has some of the finest in the Co.; owns farm of 100 acres; has held office of School Trustee; married Miss Eliza E. Goes, from Bradford Co., Penn., June, 1856; they have two children, Clayton G., born Feb., 1859; Harry, Nov., 1860.
Blake H. C., Wagon Maker and Blacksmith; born Holland, Vermont, April 15, 1832; lived there thirty-one years; came to Mt. Carroll, 1862; run 'bus line and stage line to Polo six and one half years; has been engaged in his present business for past seven years; has held office of Assessor for three years; was Vice President and acting President of Agricultural Society for three years, and was elected its President in 1876; married Annah M. Holmes, from Vermont, June 6, 1854; they have five children, Hattie, Ella, Dennison, Mary Jane, Charles; lost one son, George F.; lost one girl, Birdie.
Blake J. G., retired merchant.
Blessing John, cooper.
Blough Henry, retired.
Blough Noah, Dealer in Harness, Saddlery Hardware, Trunks; born in Elkhart Co., Inc., April 13, 1850; came to Carroll Co. in 1856; lived on farm until 18, and then apprenticed himself to Harness-making business; in 1871 he started a small shop, and by industry and good management his trade steadily increased, until now he is the oldest house in his line here and does the leading Harness and Saddlery Hardware business in this Co.; married Miss Mary Sheller, daughter of Samuel Sheller, of Cherry Grove, Oct. 10, 1874; they have one little girl: Maud, born Sept. 18, 1875.
Bowen Job, shoemaker.
Bowman J. H., grain speculator.
Boyers Simon.
Brown J. S., blacksmith.
Brotherton W. A., painter.
Browning W. F., telegraph operator.
Bucher Geo. F., Agent for Champion Mower and Reaper; born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Nov. 16, 1846; when two years of age removed to Jo Daviess Co., and lived there until 1864; enlisted in the army, in the 62d Regt., I. V. I., Co. E, and was detailed to Transfer Department, Springfield; came to Carroll Co. in 1864; married Miss Flora B. Strickland, from Bradford Co., Penn., Oct. 4, 1870; they have two children: Fanny N., born Sept. 2, 1871; Florence D., Sept. 6, 1873.
Bucher Jacob, Farmer; born in Switzerland, June 28, 1825; came to this country when four years of age; came to Jo Daviess Co. Spring of 1845; walked there from Chicago; was in the Mexican Was, 2d Regt. O. V., Co. D; was escorting provision trains at the battle of Buena Vista; owns a farm of 612 acres in Jo Daviess Co.; married Catherine Geitgey, from Wayne Co., O., March 15, 1840; they have six children: Adam, Simon, Joseph, Louisa D., Mary and George.
Buck George, butcher.
Buckwalter William, laborer.
Campbell G. D., clerk.
Campbell R. H., clerk
Campbell S. J., hardware
Carley Charles, blacksmith.
Carley Fred, blacksmith.
Carley Geo., blacksmith.
Chapman A., tinner.
Chapman J. F., Proprietor of Chapman House; born in Winchester, Va., Feb. 15, 1817; removed to Fayette Co., Pa., at an early age; lived there 20 years; lived in Iowa, in Marion and Linn Counties, and knew every man in latter Co.; lived in Jo Daviess Co., and kept hotel for 9 years at Elizabeth; came to Mt. Carroll in 1854; was engaged in dry goods business; was mail contractor for eight years; ran stage line from Savanna to Freeport, and from Galena to Polo; has held office of Supervisor for several terms, also Mayor of this city; he represented this district in State Legislature in 1862-3; married Sarah A. Walling, from N. J., in 1837; they have three children: Mrs. Mary L. Irvine, Mrs. Alice E. Miller, and Amos T. Chapman; lost two children, one son and one daughter.
Chrisman Lewis, Real Estate and Loan Agent; born in Phœnixville, Chester Co., Pa., March 27, 1826; lived there 24 years; came to Ill., to Carroll Co., May 8, 1850, 27 years ago; he taught school, and clerked in store for 6 years; he has been engaged in insurance business for 20 years; was special agent of the Home Insurance Co. 4 years, and of the Ætna Insurance Co. 8 years, for Ill. And Southern Wis.; he represented 16 companies at one time; married Hannah M. Pyle, from Phœnixville, Chester Co., Pa., April 18, 1853; they have two children: Willard W., born Oct. 28, 1857; Mrs. Mary E. Moore, March 3, 1855; she was married Nov. 28, 1876.
Christian J. B., jeweler.
Christie Geo., jeweler.
Clemmer Benj., cigar maker.
Cluck B. E., blacksmith.
Cluck Jacob A., Blacksmith; born Perry Co., Pa., and moved to Altoona, Blair Co., where he learned his trade; was in the army; enlisted in 125th Regt., Pa. V. I.; was in the battles of Antietam and Chancellorsville; came to Mt. Carroll in 1866, and has been engaged in business five years; married Susan Boyers, of this Co., Sept. 26, 1867; they have two children: Howard A., born Sept. 7, 1868; Elsie V., June 30, 1870.
Cluck J. H., blacksmith.
Cole A. H., land speculator.
Cole Birney.
Cole J. S., clerk.
Cole P. B., wagon maker.
Coleman John, grain buyer.
Cormany Wm., harness maker.
Cormany Jas. W., Dentist; born in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio, Feb. 16, 1849; came to Ill., Carroll Co., Sept., 1859; received his education here, and studied Dentistry in 1864-5; was engaged in drug business for H. Bitner 5 years; in 1871 went to Cincinnati, entered college and graduated; received second diploma from Miami Medical College, in 1873; practiced medicine one year in Ft. Scott, Kas.; went to Cal. In 1875 and remained 18 months; returned here and resumed his profession in dentistry, in April, 1877.
Cotton S. C., grocer.
Craig Adam, farmer.
Craig Gilbert, drayman.
Craig J. H., drayman.
Crummer John, Retired; born Feb. 23, 1815; moved to Penn. in 1830; came to Jo Daviess Co., 1836, 41 years ago; was one of the early settlers there; he was licensed as Minister in the M. E. Church, and was appointed and served as Pastor in Plattsville, Mineral Point and Milwaukee, Wis.; also in Sycamore, Rockford, and to other churches in this state; in 1849 he crossed the plains with four yoke of oxen and went to California; preached there; returned in 1851 to Galena; owns farm of 86 acres; has held the office of Supervisor some years, and was Town Collector two years; married Miss Mary S. Kellogg, from Wis., in 1841; they have six children: Wilber F. is Co. Clerk of Jo Daviess Co.; he enlisted at 18 in the 45th Regt. I. V. I.; was wounded before Vicksburg; John, Mrs. Delia Thomas, Mary E. Halderman, Ada and Hattie; they have lost one son, Wellington, who was drowned.
Davis John, laborer.
Davis N. M., miller.
Davis T. D., city clerk and deputy collector.
Deeds J. H., horse engineer.
Deitrick A., clerk.
Deitrick J. F., Street Commissioner; born in Sharpsburg, Washington Co., Md., June 27, 1833; lived there 17 years, and came to Carroll Co., Ills., 1850, 27 years ago; he engaged in farming; he learned the marble business, but it did not agree with him and he gave it up; he owns and is engaged in quarrying stone; has held the office of Street Commissioner three years; married Miss Sarah A. Smith, from Md., in Nov., 1855; they have six children: Mary, Jacob, Emma, Ida, Joseph, Eleanor.
Dodson John, laborer.
Doughty John, drayman.
Downs James, laborer.
Dumbleton J. W., laborer.
Eacker Mrs. Evaline, Born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., and lived there 15 years; moved to the State of Wis.; came to Carroll Co. in 1860; married L. B. Eacker, from Chautauqua Co., N. Y., July 4, 1851; they have three children: Mary Margaret, Henrietta Josephine, Lewis E.
Edwards Evander, laborer.
Edwards Harmon, laborer.
Eiser Joshua, Carpenter and Builder; born in Bedford Co., Penn., April 11, 1817; lived there 21 years; went to Franklin Co. and learned the carpenter trade; came to this Co. and state April 28, 1851; was twenty days on the way; has been engaged in building since he came; there is only one carpenter here that was here when he came; married Elizabeth Seavalt, from Franklin Co., Penn., Oct. 15, 1840; they have six children: Mrs. Mary C. Crouse, living in Stephenson Co., who has four children; Mrs. Annie R. Rinedollar, Carroll Co.; Mrs. Sarah A. Moore, Red Oak, Iowa, who has four children; Mrs. Samantha A. Pierce, Kane Co.; William A., and David C., who married Mary Drummond, and has two children; one son, John Calvin, died in Penn. in 1850.
Ely Prof. J. H., Born in Bradford Co., Pa., March 23, 1840; lived there 18 years, and came to Carroll Co. in 1858; educated himself through his own efforts, and engaged in teaching; he studied medicine and graduated and practiced his profession a short time, and then resumed teaching; has taught 2 years in Savanna, 4 years in Shannon, a number of years in Milledgeville, and 3 years here; has been engaged in teaching 20 years, and is the oldest teacher in Carroll Co.; married Miss Emma E. Lynk, from Green Co., N. Y., June 19, 1863; they have five children: Ara, Rosa, Anna, George and Frank.
Ely Leander, laborer.
Ely Samuel, horse doctor.
Ensinger Fred, laborer.
Everhart Jacob.
Eymer E. O., glove maker.
Eyler Sol., laborer.
Farmer C. C., police magistrate.
Feaser Emanuel, farmer.
Ferrin Joseph, retired farmer.
Ferrenberg Andrew, laborer.
Fickinger Rev. Chas. T., Pastor Lutheran Church; born Erie Co., Pa., July 25, 1847, and lived there 17 years; entered Wittemberg College, Springfield, Ohio; studied four years and graduated in Theological Department, 1869; his first pastorate was in Minersville, Pa., and was ordained by East Ohio Synod, 1871; his second pastorate was at Boliver, Ohio; received call to his present charge in this city, Sept., 1875; married Miss M. A. Evans, from city of Erie, Pa., May 20, 1869; they have one son, Frank, born Oct. 23, 1870, and lost one son, John B., in infancy.
Fisher Elhannan, teacher.
Fisher Evan, shoemaker.
Fisher G. W., boot and shoemaker.
Fisher H. G., blacksmith.
Fletcher Nelson, Attorney; born in Bradford Co., Pa., Aug. 8, 1818; lived there 19 years; went on N. Y. State, and came to this state and Co. in 1839, and has lived here 38 years; one earliest settlers; there are only few living here now that were here when he came, and not a house here; then went East in 1856; returned in 1858; he has practiced his profession here for 20 years; he has held office School Commissioner and County Superintendent of Schools for eight years, and also was Justice of the Peace for 16 years, and holds office of City Treasurer; married Sarah B. Browning, from Pa., July 7, 1858; she was born in England.
Forbes J. C., marble cutter.
Fraser Don R., Local Editor Carroll County Mirror; born Pictou, Nova Scotia, Nov. 29, 1844; lived there until six years of age; came to Ills. And to Carroll Co. 1851; was in the army during the rebellion, enlisted at the age of 17 in Co. I, 92d I. V. I.; he was in battles Chicamauga, Sherman's Atlanta Campaign; was in Kilpatrick's raid around Atlanta; was taken prisoner at Vining Station, Oct. 1864, and taken to Alabama, and enjoyed the hospitalities of Castle Morgan and Andersonville; escaped four times and was re-captured each time; remained prisoner until close of war; went to Iowa in 1867; practiced law in Brooklyn for some years; was editor of the Brooklyn Free Trader four years; held office Justice of the Peace for four years; married Miss Julia W. Horigan, of Tolland, Mass., May 20, 1868; they have two children, Belle H., born March 8, 1873; Fern C., Nov. 7, 1875.
Frederick Samuel, laborer.
Frost J. E., sewing machine agent.
Furlong M., hardware salesman.
Ganson O. B., restaurant and confectionery.
Geistwhite Henry, plasterer.
Goldsmith Henry, merchant.
Geltmacher A., sewing machine agent.
Gelwicks John C., farmer.
Glass John F., Livery and Boarding Stable; born in Bedford Co., Pa., Aug. 22, 1845; came to Carroll Co. Nov. 29, 1854; engaged in farming for some years; owns farm of 160 acres; engaged in livery business in Jan., 1875, and also is proprietor of 'bus line to and from depot; married Hattie H. Baird, daughter of Captain Wm. P. Baird, Jan. 30, 1877.
Goodman H. S., salesman.
Gordon Wm., marble cutter.
Graham A.
Graham D. M., salesman.
Green A. M., clerk.
Green Uriah, Capitalist; born in Mercer Co., Pa., Sept.23, 1816; lived there 19 years; moved to Mich.; came from there to Jo Daviess Co. on foot, with his knapsack on his back; one of the earliest settlers; only few houses between Cherry Grove and Galena; came to Carroll Co. in 1841, and has lived here 36 years; but few living that were here when he came; engaged in farming and stock raising; has carted his grain to Chicago, and has sold wheat at 37 cents a bushel, and dressed hogs at $1.50 per cwt.; came to City of Mt. Carroll in 1873; has held offices of School Trustee and School Director, and holds office of Director of First National Bank; married Miss Almeda Herrington, in this Co, Sept. 27, 1841; she was born in Canada, March 13, 1821, and came to Carroll Co. in 1838; they have five children: Stephen, born July 30, 1842; Nancy V., June 11, 1844; Annie, Oct. 21, 1846; Adaline M., Nov. 23, 1853; Marion D., June 12, 1858; lost five children.
Greely D. M., Physician.
Greenleaf, Lieut. F. W., U. S. Navy; born Piscataquis Co., Maine, April 28, 1847; removed to Minnesota; lived there 10 years; entered the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., 1863; spent 4 years there, and graduated June, 1867; has been promoted from Midshipman to Ensign, Master, and Lieutenant; has cruised to South America, Africa, West Indies, China and Japan; married Miss Mary I. Hostetter, daughter of the later Dr. John L. Hostetter, Oct. 31, 1872; they had one child, John Hostetter Greenleaf; born March 22, 1876, and died July 23, 1877.
Griffith H. J., clerk.
Grim Otis, laborer.
Gross John C., Dealer in land; born in Dauphin Co., Pa., Nov. 9, 1819; lived in that state 24 years; in 1844, removed to Bureau Co., Ill.; was engaged in farming 8 years; came to Carroll Co. in the Spring of 1861, and engaged in farming, and also dealing in lands in Iowa and Neb.; married Elizabeth Eberly, of Cumberland Co., Pa., in 1842; they have seven children, five sons and two daughters.
Grove J. S., Druggist; born in Mt. Carroll, Oct. 9, 1845, and has lived here over 32 years; received his education here in this town; was engaged in farming until 1870, when he engaged in drug business with his father; has held offices of Township Treasurer and City Alderman; married Miss Mary Smith, of this city, Jan. 6, 1869; they have one son, Orion M., born Dec. 16, 1870.
Hall J. S., Photographer.
Halderman N., Grain and Stock business; born in Montgomery Co., Pa., May 1, 1811; lived there 29 years; came to Carroll Co., Ills., in the Spring of 1841, 36 years ago; was one of the earliest settlers here; only a few here now that were here then; no town here, only woods; in April, 1842, the foundation of mill was laid, and it was in operation Nov. 15, 1842; previous to this, in 1841, he had a shanty built for family of mill; he has held the office of Treasurer of Carroll Co. twelve years, and was the first Mayor of this town; married Elizabeth McCoy, from Norristown, Pa.; they had four children: Herbert, Rebecca, Hattie, Edward; lost one son and one daughter.
Hollinger George, Sr., painter.
Hallett Mrs. Ann, Formerly Miss Ann Emmert; born in Cumberland Co., Pa., and removed to Md. At an early age; she came to this state with her parents, to Carroll Co. in 1840; they were among the earliest settlers here; her father, David Emmert, Esq., was engaged in business here with N. Halderman, Esq.; she married B. H. Hallett Feb. 5, 1852; he was born in Mo., and came to this Co. in 1847; engaged in the business of Manufacturing Brick, Building and Contracting; died Jan. 11, 1873; she has three children: Charles F., D. Frank, Millard E.
Hallett James, Brick Manufacturer; born in Mo., March 25, 1822; moved to this state at an early age; lived in Shellsburg, Wis., three years; came to this state, near Galena, in 1830; lived there 17 years; came to Mt. Carroll in April, 1847, and has lived here over 30 years; but little improvement here when he came, and not many living here now that were here then; he and his brother commenced making brick and contracting for building; the most of the brick used in building in this town and through the Co. was of their manufacture; they built the Court House and many other buildings; he has Brick Works here, in Ogle Co. and in Jo Daviess Co.; has held the office of Supervisor some years; was one of the original Trustees of the Seminary; married Miss Amanda M. F. Lindsey, from Va., in Sept., 1848; they have four children: Russell B., William P., J. Walter, and Reuben C.
Hallett R. B., brick manufacturer.
Hallett Walter J., student.
Hallett William, clerk in drug store.
Harris Lewis, clerk.
Hastings Joseph, carpenter.
Hawk R. M. A., County Clerk; born in Hancock Co., Ind., April 23, 1839; lived there about 7 years; came to Carroll Co., Ills., June 4, 1846, and has lived here over31 years; was in the army during the rebellion; enlisted in Co. C, 92d Regt. I. V. I.; was elected Lieut., promoted to Capt. And brevetted Major; was wounded April 12, 1865, at Parrot Creek, near Raleigh; was in the battle of Chicamauga, and about 40 other fights and skirmishes; was elected Clerk of Carroll Co. in Nov., 1865, and has been elected at every succeeding term without opposition; married Miss Mary G. Clark, from Eureka, Woodford Co., Ills., July 20, 1865; they have three children: Henry C., Hannah G., Egbert B.; lost one son, Robert M.
Haynes Jeremiah, farmer.
Heagy A.
Hemer Elias.
Hensal W. E., stock buyer.
Hensel John, saloon.
Hewitt D. M., laborer.
Highbarger Adam, carpenter.
Hoffman D. P., carpenter.
Hollinger I. V., Publisher and Editor Carroll Co. Herald; born Cumberland Co., Pa., June 26, 1838, and came to Ills., to Mt. Carroll, in 1844; learned the printing business in Journal office at Freeport; he worked on the Mt. Carroll Tribune, edited by Dr. J. L. Hostetter, which was printed in Freeport and was the first paper printed for Carroll County; he was engaged on the Carroll Co. Republican, the first paper printed here; he, in connection with A. Windle, established the Carroll Co. Mirror, March 21, 1860, and was connected with that for 12 years; was in the army during the rebellion, 146th I. V. I., Co. A; in connection with F. J. Sessions, bought out the Carroll Co. Herald, 1876; married Miss L. Annie Dresbach, from Cumberland Co., Pa., in 1867; they have one child, John D. Hollinger, born June 11, 1875.
Hollingsworth H., carpenter.
Hollister, J. W., cigar maker.
Holman Charles, Furniture Dealer; born Chester Co., Pa., Jan. 26, 1829; lived there 26 years, and came to Carroll Co., to this town, 1855, and has lived here 22 years; was engaged as carpenter 8 years, farming 12 years, and is engaged in furniture business; owns farm 240 acres two miles west town; holds office of Supervisor of this town; married Miss Sarah Ann Cook, from Chester Co., Pa., May 3, 1855; they have three children - sons: Charles Newton, William T. Sherman, Edwin Cook; lost one son, Horace.
Holmes F. W., Egg and Fish Dealer; born Orleans Co., Vt., Sept. 14, 1821; lived there 23 years; went around Cape Horn to California, and was there 8 years; engaged in milk business: had a ranche and 75 cows; also engaged in teaming and mining; came to Carroll Co. in 1864, and has been engaged in farming, grocer, and runs fish and egg wagon; married Louisa Davis, from Lower Canada, Dec. 24, 1861; they have two children, Annie L., born Aug. 5, 1869; Minnie G., Feb. 14, 1877.
Hoover Henry, laborer.
Hoover Jeremiah, laborer.
Hoover John, drayman.
Hoover Joseph, laborer.
Hoover William, laborer.
Horn Oscar, clerk.
Horning S. G., wagon maker.
Hostetter E., Livery and Sale Stable; born Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., was engaged in farming and stock business; came to Carroll Co. in August, 1873; has been engaged in farming one mile east of town, also in the grocery trade here; then engaged in livery business and shipping horses east; has good stock and does the largest livery in Mt. Carroll.
Hughes Wm. D., Publisher Carroll Co. Mirror; born Manchester, Lancashire, Eng., Nov. 25, 1832; lived there 23 years; came to this country, 1856; lived in Rome, N. Y., 6 years; was in army during rebellion; enlisted Co. B, 146th N. Y. V. I.; was all through Peninsula Campaign, and was in number of severe battles; was wounded at Chancellorsville, and also on the Weldon R. R.; came West in 1865, and settled in Morrison, Whiteside County; came to Mt. Carroll in 1871, and bought out the Mirror in 1875; it is the oldest paper in the county; married Miss M. M. Fritcher, from Montgomery Co., N. Y., April 5, 1864; they have two children: Jane Annie, born Oct., 1866; Frank Woodruff, Aug., 1869.
Hummell John.
Hunter James M., Attorney; born Northumberland Co., Pa., Dec. 9, 1831, and lived there until 20 years of age; moved to Centre Co. and studied medicine with Dr. John P. Gray, at Bellefonte, Pa.; he studied law with Judge Lynn, and was admitted to the Bar in 1854; practiced law there three years; came to Ills., to Jo Daviess Co., in 1857; practiced law there five years; came to Mt. Carroll in 1862, and has practiced his profession here for 15 years; he represented the Counties of Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Carroll in the State Senate, under the new constitution; married Miss Margaret C. Baker, of Jo Daviess Co. in 1858; she died, 1863; they had three children: Mary Imogene, Belle and Margaret C.; married Mary J. Ginn, from Galena, in April, 1864; they have two children, Jennie E. and John.
Hurly Tim, blacksmith.
Irvine William, salesman.
Irvine Mrs. Amanda M., (Formerly Miss Amanda M. Fitch) born in Delaware Co., N. Y.; lived in that state until 1845; she married Rev. George W. Seaman, Presbyterian minister, from the State of New York, April 27, 1837; they came to Elkhorn Grove, Carroll Co., by their own conveyance; he came under the auspices of the Home Missionary Society and preached until the time of his death, Oct. 1, 1845; they had five children, two sons and three daughter; Mrs. Seaman then removed to Milledgeville, this Co., and established a school, she also established a Sabbath-school and had preaching at her house every two weeks; she married John Irvine, Sr., from Penn., Sept. 4, 1849; he was engaged in mercantile business here for a long time, and died July 21, 1873; they had one son, William Irvine, who resides here.
Irvine John, Salesman Dry Goods; born Fayetteville, Franklin Co., Penn., May 22, 1831; parents moved to Pittsburg when four years of age and lived there ten years; they came to Ill., to Carroll Co., Sept. 1, 1845; Saturday, the day they came, there was a horse race and a foot race; the census of the town, which was completed the day before, showed the population of the town to be ninety-eight souls, men, women and children; his father being interested in the mill property he went in store; was engaged in mercantile business here nine years; 1859, went to California and was Mining Recorder in Reese River Mining Country; was appointed Treasurer of Lyon Co. by Gov. Nye, and afterwards elected to the same office by the people; was in California and Nevada six years; returned, 1865; married Miss Mary L. Chapman, from Ind., in Nov., 1856; they have three children, Ida M., Frank C., Nellie A.
Jacobs T. T., Groceries; born in Ireland, Jan. 31, 1805; came to Montreal when seven years of age; from there he moved to Grand Isle, Vermont; removed to N. Y., 1820, to Cumberland Bay near where the battle of Plattsburg was fought; lived at Champlain and Rouse Point; came to Ill., to Carroll Co., in Sept. 24, 1845, and has lived here thirty-two years; one of the early settlers; only few people here then and not many living here now that were here when he came; he went in mercantile business here in 1850, and had some goods hauled from Chicago by team; he was the first regular cabinet maker in this town; has held office Justice of the Peace and was the first Acting Treasurer of this Co. after it was organized into townships; married Miss Mary Cassell, from Burlington, Vt., April 2, 1829; she was born April 17, 1807; they have been members of M. E. Church over fifty years; they have three children, Mrs. Helen M. Petit, Mrs. Mary E. Lichty, Mrs. Ann E. Reynolds; lost three boys in infancy.
Jessen Otto, hardware.
Jones A., Proprietor Jones Hotel; born Herkimer Co., N. Y., May 12, 1832; lived there thirty-three years; his father was one of the first cheese manufacturers in that Co.; came to Carroll Co., 1865, and built and operated the first cheese factory in this Co.; was elected Justice of the Peace Town Freedom; married Cyrena L. Claus, from Fulton Co., N. Y., Feb., 1863; they have two children, John B., born Oct. 8, 1861; Kate, May 9, 1868.
Jones Aaron, laborer.
Julson Lewis, painter.
Kallenbach Charles, physician.
Karn Matthias, Builder and Contractor; born Wurtemburg, Germany, March 16, 1832; came to America when five years of age; lived in Franklin Co., Penn., until 1853, and learned the carpenter's trade; moved to Virginia and lived there eight years; came to Carroll Co. 1861; he has helped build all the churches in this city; he and John C. Rinedollar built the County Poor House; holds office of City Alderman; married Martha J. Windle, from Penn., Feb., 1861; they have six children, Mary L., Carrie B., Armenia I., Elizabeth, Roy Norman, Alec.
Keiter John, clerk.
Keiter Lewis, clerk.
Keller Harvey C. H.
Kennedy M., farmer.
Kennedy William, farmer.
Kessel George, laborer.
Kiner F. F., minister.
King Wm., laborer.
Kinney Geo., laborer.
Kinney Jos., retired merchant.
Klersy Jos., tailor.
Knadler Reuben.
Kneal A. S., clerk.
Kolp John E.
Kromer Heman, laborer.
Laurimore Jas., retired merchant.
Lambert Thomas, Retired; born in Yorkshire, England, Sept. 11, 1816; lived there 24 years, and came to America in 1840, on the ship "Fairfield," and was 35 days on the way; he came to Pittsburg, and was coal mining 2 years; then came to Carroll Co., Ill., and only had three sovereigns when he got here; engaged in farming; paid government price for his land, and $200 for improvements on it; by industry and good management, he now owns 500 acres of land; married Ellen Lodge, of Yorkshire, England, Dec. 21, 1837; she died June 10, 18-; married Rosamond Watson, from Wensleydale, England, Dec. 10, 1839; they have four children: Thomas, born dec. 29, 1848; William, Feb. 4, 1851; Arthur, Jan. 24, 1859; Ann, Oct. 18, 1841; lost four children.
Lautenschlager Geo., tailor.
Lee E. O., teacher.
Lee Josiah, farmer.
Lepman B., merchant.
Lepman Lewis, clerk.
Lepman Henry, merchant.
Lewis Jacob, clothing merchant.
Liberton Wm. J., minister.
Lichty, Abram H., Insurance, Real Estate, and Loan business; born Stark Co., Ohio, on Dec. 25, 1830; came to Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., Ill., in Spring of 1851; in 1852, engaged in the drug business in company with Dr. J. L. Hostetter; in Spring of 1854, he bought out the doctor and continued the business until July, 1873, since which time he has been in real estate and loan business; was appointed assistant U. S. Assessor, Sept., 1863, for the 10th Division of 3d District of Illinois; re-appointed, 1865, holding office until district was consolidated.
Lichty Wm. H., grocer.
Lohr Jacob, Grocery, Flour and Feed Business; born in Miffin Co., Pa., June 10, 1819; lived there 36 years; came to Jo Daviess Co. Nov. 17, 1855; snowed very hard the day they came; was engaged in farming, and lived there 12 years; came to Carroll Co. in 1865 and bought farm; was farming and stock raising; owns farm of 125 acres, Town of Salem; he has recently engaged in flour and feed business; married Margaret Emerich, from Pa., in 1840; they have five children; lost two sons in the army, Co. B, 45th I. V. I.; they were wounded in battle of Shiloh; one died in St. Louis, and one in Columbus, Ky.
Loveland Geo. C., merchant.
Ludwick Geo., farmer.
Ludwick Samuel, Retired; born in Frederick Co., Md., Nov. 9, 1822; lived there 22 years; came by team from there; started June 13, and arrived here July 28, 1844; seventeen of them came together; only few here then; worked at carpenter's trade 7 years; bought land, and went to farming and stock raising for about 18 years; owned 700 acres of land, but has sold most of it; owns 150 acres yet; has held offices of School Director and City Alderman; married Miss Julia Ann Lighter, Oct. 31, 1843; she was born in Cecil Co., Md., Sept. 29, 1835; they have five children: Marcellus L., Wellington R., George R., Mrs. Retta E. Miller, Brinton McLellan; lost five children.
McAffee E. M., physician.
McCally J. D. D., poultry merchant.
McClure A., laborer.
McCrea Jas., barber.
McCrea John, barber.
McCrea Jos., laborer.
McGraw T. J., harness maker.
McKinney Chas., merchant.
McKinney O. F., merchant.
McLaughlin Daniel.
McLaughlin Jos., teacher.
McLaughlin Wm., blacksmith.
Maberly Edw., painter.
Maberly Fred, painter.
Marshall J. D., laborer.
Maberly T. B., painter.
Mark Mrs. Caroline, born in Va.; removed to Md., and came to Carroll Co. about 1840; one of the early settlers; she married Jas. Mark, who was born in Scotland, in 1814, and came to America in 1837; came to Carroll Co. in 1838, with only 75 cents when he got here, and when they were married, Mrs. Mark had $20; that was all they had; he entered some land from government and engaged in farming and stock raising; became one of the most extensive stock men in this Co., and one of the largest land owners; he was elected President of the First National Bank when first organized, and held that position until his death, Feb. 19, 1869.
Masters David, laborer.
Masters D. H., laborer.
Medler C., saloon.
Meisner M.
Mellendy N. H., retired.
Mertz Wm. J., blacksmith.
Metcalf Samuel G., Retired; born in Royalston, Mass., April 1, 1814; lived there 38 years; engaged in farming and chair business; went to Genessee Co., N. Y., and was there 2 years; came to this Co. and state in the Fall of 1854; was engaged in farming, and also in loaning money; has lived in this Co. 23 years; in 1869 his health failed him and he has been unable to do anything since; married Sarah K. Chaddock, from Middlebury, Genessee Co., N. Y., Oct. 12, 1847; she was born May 30, 1821; they have one son, Henry Samuel, born in Leroy, N. Y., July 14, 1853, now in his third year in Beloit College.
Miles O. P., Cashier of First National Bank; born in Chester Co., Pa., June 3, 1832; lived there 22 years, and came to Ill., to Carroll Co., in 1854; was engaged in keeping books in mill, and afterwards purchased an interest in it; is still connected with it; in 1859 he was elected Treasurer of Carroll Co., and held that office for 14 years; has also held various town offices; was elected Cashier of the First National Bank; married Miss Hannah P. Shirk, from Franklin Co., Penn., Oct. 15, 1859; they have seven children: Joseph, Chas. K., Jacob H., A. Judson, Jessie F., Susan R. and Mary D.; they have lost two children.
Miller Benj. P., Physician and Surgeon; born in Greensburg, Greene Co., Ky., June 4, 1820; lived there 15 years; came to Galena, Ill., and lived there 2 years; removed to Chicago, and was there 7 years; studied medicine, and graduated in year 1844; went to Cal. In 1850; came to Mt. Carroll in 1851, and has practiced his profession here 26 years; is the oldest physician here; while in Cal. He received the appointment of Surgeon of regiment in Indian campaign; has held office of City Alderman; married Miss A. Eldridge, from near Ticonderoga, N. Y., in 1847; they have five children: Frank C., Clara, Jas. B., Mina D. and Benj. G.; have lost five children.
Miller D. R., clerk in bank.
Miller J. W., wagon maker.
Miller J. S., merchant.
Mitchel Samuel, retired.
Mooney Jas., laborer.
Moore Chas., laborer.
Moore Geo. R., Druggist; Books and Stationery.
Moore G. W., sailor.
Moore Seeborn, wheel-wright.
Moore Warren, laborer.
Moore W. H., laborer.
Mowry Joseph, furniture maker.
Mower E., confectionery.
Mullen D., laborer.
Muma D., glovemaker.
Nase Major Adam, Collector of Internal Revenue; born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 12, 1825; lived there about 21 years; went to Cincinnati, and to Burlington, Iowa; came to Savanna, Carroll Co., in 1851; in the Fall of 1858 was elected Sheriff of this Co., and moved to Mt. Carroll on the 19th of April, 1861; enlisted in the 15th Regt. I. V. I., and was elected Captain of Co. K; was in some very severe battles; was wounded and taken prisoner April 6, 1862, at the battle of Shiloh; had his leg amputated at Memphis; was taken to Jackson, Miss., and then to Vicksburg, where he was paroled about Oct. 1; came home and got an artificial leg, and returned to his regiment and reported for duty in Dec. of same year; was promoted to Major, and was with his Regt. until the fall of Vicksburg; resigned in Aug., 1863, and went in the recruiting service until troops were no longer wanted; was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court in 1864; was elected to the State Legislature in the Fall of 1868; in 1870 was appointed Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue; July 11, 1872, was appointed to his present position, Collector of Int. Rev.; married Miss Rebecca J. Hastings, from Cumberland Co., Pa., in Dec., 1851; they have two children: Frank P., born Oct. 19, 1857; Hattie M.; have lost three children.
Nelson A. B., express agent.
Nelson David, Merchant in Dry Goods and Groceries; born in York Co., Pa., Nov. 9, 1814; moved to Ohio at the age of seven, and lived there 30 years; was engaged in the Tanning Business 17 years; came to Carroll Co. in April, 1851; clerked in the store of John Irvine, Sr., nine months, and in 1852 engaged in mercantile business with Adam Bowen, and continued for twelve years; after being out of business two years he engaged in it again, and has continued ever since; married Catharine A. Bowen, from Pa., in Sept., 1839; they have seven children: Adam B., Valentine S., John W., Margaret E., Emma J., Ahiman V., and Charlie D.
Nohe Carl, brewer.
Nohe F. W., clerk.
Nohe J. T., harnessmaker.
Nymen A. H., shoemaker.
O'Brien James, laborer.
O'Brien H. W., laborer.
O'Neal John S., Manager Joint Stock Co. Store; born in Mt. Carroll, July 27, 1841; he received his education here, and has lived in this Co. 36 years, except four years which he spent in Albany, Whiteside Co., in the employ of the R.R.; he is among the earliest, if not the earliest, native-born citizens in this county; married Miss Sarah J. Mills, from Albany, Whiteside Co., in March, 1868.
Oakes A., tinner.
Olney J. G., explorer.
Palmer Daniel, Boots and Shoes; born in Northampton Co., Pa., Aug, 26, 1832; lived there 24 years; learned the trade of shoemaking; came to Mt. Carroll June 17, 1856, and has lived here 21 years; has been engaged in business here over 20 years, and is the oldest house exclusively in this business here; married Miss Catherine Price, from Cumberland Co., Pa., in July; they have four children; Aaron, Edgar, Reuben and Cora; lost one son, Willie.
Palmer Frank, tinner.
Patch B. L., county judge.
Patton John, Contractor and Builder; born in Bedford Co., Pa., Dec. 14, 1819; lived in that state 28 years, and learned the carpenter's trade; in company with about 30 others, he came to Carroll Co., Ills., and arrived here June 11, 1848; they were 42 days on the way, and for three weeks it rained every day; he engaged in building, and is the only builder here in business that was here when he came; has held school offices, and once City Alderman; married Harriett E. Smith, from Franklin Co., Pa., Dec. 31, 1846; she died July 14, 1863; he has seven children: Eliza Jane, John W., Harriet R., Joseph W., Royal E., Minnie and George O.; lost two children.
Patten John W., carpenter.
Patten Joseph, carpenter.
Patterson James, clerk.
Patterson Robert, laborer.
Patterson William, Lumber Dealer; born in Franklin Co., Pa., Oct. 18, 1826; lived there until he was 18, and then, in company with three families, twelve persons, came here by team, and were six weeks on the way; arrived here in Nov., 1844, 33 years ago; it was all government land around where the depot now stands; he raised a crop of wheat on the land where the south part of town now stands, from Dr. Miller's south; engaged in the lumber business in 1866, and are the only lumber dealers here; married Elizabeth Warfield, Jan. 1, 1850; they have three children: James F., William F., and John A.; lost two sons and 1 daughter.
Peterson Andrew.
Phillips Andrew, Meat Market; born in Germany, Nov. 30, 1833; lived there 21 years, and came to this country in 1854; went to Ohio, and lived there seven years; came to Carroll Co. in 1861, and engaged in the Butchering Business; married Miss Mary S. Bauer, from Germany, in 1856; they have six children (lost one), Joseph A., John G., Charles, F., Ida I., Daniel Milton, and Bessie L.
Phillips Augustus, laborer.
Phillips B., butcher.
Phillips Chas., Stock Dealer; born in Germany, Sept. 22, 1833; came to this country in 1850; lived in Ohio three years, and came to Carroll Co. in Dec., 1854; had nothing when he came; was engaged in Butchering from 1856 to 1871, fifteen years, and is now engaged in Stock Raising and Shipping; owns a farm of 100 acres; also a store and other city property; has held the office of Alderman four years, and holds the office of Mayor of Mt. Carroll; his first wife was Mary E. Fenninger, of Ohio; she died in Oct., 1864; they had four children; married Harriet Siefert, from Jo Daviess Co., in 1866; they have 5 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters.
Phillips Leo, butcher.
Pierce W. A. J., cattle dealer.
Pine Isa J., laborer.
Potter J. W.
Pratt A. L., hotel, Pratt House.
Preston Charles, farmer.
Puffenberger Samuel, Retired; born in Washington Co., Md., in 1802; lived there about 38 years, and came to the Town of Salem, Carroll Co., in 1844; there were only a few houses here when he came; entered 160 acres of land from the government; has held several town offices; married Catharine Shemmel, from Md., in 1821; they have seven children, three sons and four daughters, all living in this Co. except one: John, Samuel, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, Ruann and Ellen; have lost three children.
Pulley George A., shoemaker.
Pulley John, shoemaker.
Puterbaugh George, painter.
Pyle T. C., Ice Dealer; born Chester Co., Penn., Aug. 2, 1830; moved to Maryland at early age and lived there until he came to Carroll Co., 1843; there was not much improvement here when he came; he was engaged in broom business two years; has been in ice business six years; married Margaret Rinedollar, from Franklin Co., Penn., April, 1854; they have three children, Sarah E. Mary E. Nancy J.; lost one son.
Robbe W. P., constable.
Rea George, carpenter.
Renner H., miller.
Reynolds O.F., retired grocer.
Rickert H. L., carpenter.
Rinedollar E., carpenter.
Rinedollar John C., Furniture Manufacturer and Dealer; born Franklin Co., Penn., Oct. 9, 1823; lived in that state twenty-eight years, and learned trade of carpenter and joiner; came to Carroll Co. in 1851, and was engaged in the building business for some years; he and Mr. M. Karn built the County House, and he helped build M. E. Church; has held office of Alderman; was in the army, 146th I. V. I., Co. A; they stopped the war and came home; he engaged in furniture business; married Nancy Adair, from Franklin Co., Penn., May 13, 1847; they have had three children, Nancy Jane, born May 23, 1848; Thomas H. and John c., twins, Oct. 3, 1850.
Rinedollar Mark, Blacksmith and Carriage Maker; born Franklin Co., Penn., Oct. 31, 1831; lived there twenty years, and learned his trade there; they left Penn., his father, mother and brother; on their journey his father was killed at Pittsburg by falling through the hatchway of the steamer "Silas Wright," the rest of the family arrived here in June; he enlisted in 15th I. V. I., Co. K, and was detailed to Gen. Hurlbut's headquarters; married Miss Ann R. Eiser, from Franklin Co., Penn., Aug. 11, 1864; after the war he started his business again; he bought out bakery and restaurant and engaged in that business five months and then established his old business again.
Rinedollar Nelson, M.D., Physician and Surgeon; born London, Franklin Co., Penn., Oct. 12, 1838; lived there ten years; came to Carroll Co., Mt. Carroll, 1848, and has lived here twenty-eight years; served thirteen years in drug business; enlisted in 92d I. V. I., Co. I, and served eighteen months, and was discharged from Volunteer Service and enlisted in Regular Service as hospital steward and served eighteen months; was in battles Chicamauga, Triune and Franklin, and was in number skirmishes and fights; upon his return studied medicine and graduated at Chicago Medical College, class of 1869; has held office of Examining Surgeon of Pensions for past three years; also is Examining Physician for a number of Life Insurance Companies; married Miss Susan E. Austin, from this Co., May 6, 1869; they have one son, Flavie Rinedollar, born Sept. 16, 1870.
Rinewalt Mrs. Margaret M., Was born in Philadelphia, Penn.; lived there thirty-six years; came to Ill., Carroll Co., 1853, and has lived here twenty-four years; married John Rinewalt, April 13, 1854; he was from Chester Co., Penn., and came to this Co. in 1842; was one of the early settlers; he was engaged in business with N. Halderman; they built the mill; they laid out three additions to the town and continued business until 1859; he died March 28, 1863; they had one son, John M. Rinewalt, born Aug., 1856.
Rising J. J., Pratt House.
Rosenstock C., Contractor and Builder; born Germany, Sept. 6, 1822; came to America, 1839; served apprenticeship to carpenter trade and worked nine years; came to Carroll Co., 1855; engaged in building, and has helped erect most of buildings, dwellings and stores here; married Sarah McGee, Sept. 28, 1843; she was born in Maryland, March, 6, 1823; they have eight children, three sons and five daughters, William H., Wicklift, Winfield S., Ann E., Mary J., Susan B., Kate E., Sarah J.; lost one son.
Routh Henry, laborer.
Rupright Benjamin, Sr., laborer.
Rupright Benjamin, Jr., laborer.
Rupright George, carpenter.
Russel J. P.
Sager Harry C., confectioner.
Sager John, city marshal.
Salsbury Samuel, laborer.
Sampson Rev. J. H., Pastor First Baptist Church; born LaSalle Co., Ill., Nov. 21, 1846; lived there seventeen years; then went to Iowa and was engaged in teaching and pursuing course of studies; he took his college course at University of Chicago, and graduated at Union Theological Seminary, same city; he was ordained at Mokena, 1871; received call First Baptist Church, Mt. Carroll, July, 1875; married Miss Hattie Gray, from Bellevue, Ohio, Feb. 15, 1876.
Sandeford Thos., Retired; born Lancashire, England, Jan. 20, 1816; lived there thirty-three years; engaged in calico printing; came to America, 1849, came to Jo Daviess Co.; went with three others to California by team, four months on way, and from there to Australia; engaged in mining; returned to Ill., and again went to California, and returned in 1854; came to this Co., 1860; engaged in farming; married Margaret Thomas, from Wales, England, Dec. 1, 1859; they have nine children, Emma Jane, Anna Mary, Ruth Hannah, Sarah Elizabeth, Eliza Ann, William Thomas, John Albert, Wavey May, Mabel.
Schnan R. W.
Schamel Abram.
Schamel Henry.
Schamel Jerry, laborer.
Schamel Josiah, mason.
Schamel Lewis, drayman.
Schick Jones, Furniture Business; born Chester Co., Penn., Dec. 19, 1838; lived there twenty-two years; came to Carroll Co., 1861; enlisted in the army, 92d I. V. I., Co. I, commanded by Captain Becker; was in battle Chicamauga and in eighteen engagements and number fights and skirmishes and never lost a day; was honorably discharged; married Miss Lizzie Feezer, from this Co., Feb. 26, 1869.
Seifert Henry.
Sessions Frank J., Editor Carroll County Herald; born Fairview, Jones Co., Iowa, Feb. 18, 1853; lived there twenty-two years, except two years spent in State N. Y.; he was educated and graduated at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa; he was engaged in journalism in Iowa, Cedar Rapids Republican and Cedar Rapids Times; he came to this Co. Dec., 1876, and associated with I. V. Holling, publishing Carroll County Herald.
Seymour P., Born Bradford Co., Pa.; Feb. 25, 1809; lived there 36 years, and came to Carroll Co. May 1845; engaged in farming in Town of Salem; has lived here over 32 years; own farm of 211 acres in Salem; has held office of County Surveyor; was member of Building Committee when Court House was built; married Miss Laura M. Belding, from Jefferson Co., N. Y., Sept. 16, 1832; they have five children: Mrs. Sophia Wheeler, N. Y. City; John W., Centralia; Mrs. Viola McAffee; Mrs. Lilly McAffee; Imogene.
Shaner H. G., mason.
Shaw James, Attorney at Law; born in Ireland, May 3, 1832, and came to this country in infancy; came to Ill. And to Cass Co.; studied law and graduated at Illinois College, at Jacksonville, and afterward finished reading law with F. Sacket, of Sterling, Whiteside Co.; came to Mt. Carroll in 1860, and has practiced his profession here 17 years; he held office of Assistant State Geologist for three years and made survey of many of the counties of Northern Ills., and was elected to Legislature, 1870; he represented this District in the 27th, 28th and 30th Assemblies of this state, and is at present Speaker of the House; he was Presidential Elector in the Electoral College, 1872, and is a member of the State Republican Committee; he is the author of a work now being published by the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, entitled "Monograph of Antiquities," Mound Builders of Rock River and Northern Ills.; married Miss Jennie Harvey, of Wheeling, W. Va., in June, 1859; they have three children, Undine, Hoyt and Effie.
Shay John, laborer.
Sheldon H. E., druggist.
Sheldon Henry, clerk.
Sheldon Isaac P., Merchant; born Otsego Co., N. Y., Nov. 10, 1808; lived there 38 years; engaged in farming also mercantile stock business; came to Carroll Co., 1846 - 31 years ago; he commenced business here Feb. 23, 1846; has been engaged in milling business, tanning and distilling and farming; he married Miss Percy D. Barber, from Otsego Co., N. Y., in 1856; they live in the first house built in this town.
Shilling D., laborer.
Shilling George, laborer.
Shilling Harry, laborer.
Shilling L. H., laborer.
Shilling William, laborer.
Shilling William W., wheel-wright.
Shimer Frances A. Wood, was born in the town of Milton, Saratoga Co., N.Y., August 21, 1826; parents were Jesse and Rebecca Wood; mother's maiden name was Bryant; began school life at the age of 2½ years; was sent away to school at the age of 8 years; mother died when Frances was 10 years old; began teaching when fourteen; taught and studied at intervals, graduating at the age of 23; was educated at Stillwater Academy, and at the State Normal School, at Albany, N.Y., taught in New York State 2 years; health failing, sought change by coming West in Spring of 1853; at the age of 26, opened upon what is likely to prove a life mark - the Mt. Carroll Seminary; May 11, 1851, married at the age of 31, to Henry Shimer.
Shimer, Henry, A.M., M.D., Born at West Vincent, Chester Co., Pa., on Sept. 1, 1828; lived on farm with father, teaching winters, after he was 18 years of age, and in the Summer farming and working as a mason; in the Spring of 1854, March 28, he started West, and arrived in Mt. Carroll, Ill., in April following, and has resided here since, except when on exploring trips, which have extended from Minn. To Texas, travelling on two different occasions over 1,000 miles each, on foot, and on four others over 300 miles each, beside several lesser trips, making in all over 4,000 miles travelled on foot, thus having opportunity of examining the country carefully, with a view for a permanent location, and finally concluding that Mt. Carroll possessed more elements desirable for a home than were to be found elsewhere; after four years spent in travelling and working at his trade, he married Miss Frances A. Wood, Preceptress of Mt. Carroll Seminary, Dec. 22, 1857, and engaged in teaching in that institution, and pursuing the studies of mathematics, natural sciences, and medicine, and finally graduated at the Chicago Medical College, on March 1, 1866, since which time he has been engaged in the study and practice of medicine, lecturing on, and teaching natural sciences in the Seminary; the doctor is an enthusiast in all he undertakes, and a close student, devoting the time which most men, less ardent, would require for rest, in the interests of a large and growing practice, to his favorite sciences, as his ample specimens in geology, mineralogy, ornithology, entomology and botany, attest; being himself a taxidermist, he has prepared over 1,000 birds of the different varieties found in this locality, with some rare ones of foreign places; a few hours spent in examining the doctor's cabinet of specimens will amply repay the lover of science.
Shirk Jacob, miller.
Shirk J. M.; Shirk, Miles & Co., Mt. Carroll Flouring Mills; born Franklin Co., Pa., Nov. 10, 1833; lived there 20 years, and came to Ills. To Carroll Co., June 5, 1854, and has lived here 23 years, and has been connected with Mt. Carroll Mills ever since he came; it is the oldest manufactory in Mt. Carroll; he has held office City Alderman for several years; married Miss Cordelia M. Rahn, from Franklin Co., Pa., Oct. 14, 1857; they have five children, Clara G., Susie R., Zelle F., Charles T., Carroll Lee; they have lost three children, Owen M., Hattie B., Cordelia Mary.
Shoemaker Amos, retired farmer.
Slifer Thomas, baker and confectioner.
Smith Aaron, teacher.
Smith A. F.
Smith A. H., assessor.
Smith C. B., Attorney at Law; born Addison Co., Vt., Sept. 20, 1826; lived there 12 years; removed to N. Y. State; was educated at North Granville Academy, Washington Co., N. Y.; taught school for 12 years; studied law with F. Sacket, of Sterling, Whiteside Co., Ills.; commenced the practice of law here in 1858, and has been here 20 years; he has avoided politics and devoted his time to his profession; married Miss Sarah H. Fields, at Columbus, Wis., Sept. 30, 1851; she was from Chittenden Co., Vt.; they have four children living: Mrs. Lizzie L. Brown, born April 9, 1853; Fred S., Sept. 23, 1860; Carrie P. and Carlos E., twins, June 5, 1865; they have lost three children: Fanny, born July, 1857, died Feb., 1864; Byron P., Sept. 22, 1862, died Sept. 14, 1874; Jennie D., Dec., 1854; died in infancy.
Smith D. B., Circuit Clerk and Recorder; born York Co., Pa., Dec. 29, 1838; lived there 21 years, and came to Carroll Co. Fall of same year; enlisted in the army in Co. H, 55th I. V. I.; was wounded in left shoulder in battle of Shiloh; has held office of Town Collector; was appointed Deputy Clerk Circuit Court, under J. G. Allison, 1870; was elected Circuit Clerk in 1872, and was re-elected as independent candidate in 1876, there being three other candidates in the field; has been married twice; his first wife was Miss Catharine Teitge, from Pa.; she died April, 1873; they had four children: Jennie M., born May 1, 1864; Benjamin Lester and William Leslie, twins, Aug. 1, 1865; Harry Oliver, April, 1873; married Miss Etta J. Cooper, Oct. 27, 1875; they have one child, George Porter, born May 188, 1877.
Smith H. T., farmer.
Smith John A., Machinist; born Franklin Co., Pa., April 4, 1825; lived there 23 years, and came by team from there to Carroll Co.; 32 of them came together and were 42 days on the road; came here in 1847; they had to carry the women and children through sloughs on their backs, and after passing through streams would have to unload their wagons to dry clothes; came here in 1847 - there was little improvement here then; married Lydia A. Lightner, from Franklin Co., Pa.; she died 1863; had three children, Joseph H., John W., lost one daughter, Mary Catharine; married Miss Mary E. Haynes, of Ohio, Jan. 1864; they have two children, Norman Curtis, Charles Perkins.
Smith J. B., Stationer and News Dealer; born Washington Co., Md., Oct. 15, 1838; lived there seven years, and came to Carroll Co. in 1846, and has lived here 31 years - not many people here when they came; has been engaged in business 12 years; held office Town Clerk for 12 years; also holds office Justice of the Peace; married Miss Angeline Edwards, from Ohio, Dec. 13, 1860; they have three children, Emma Florence, Charles Irva, Lavertie; lost one daughter, Mary Addie.
Smith J. H., painter.
Smith Joseph P., wheel-wright.
Smith Samuel, teamster.
Smith W. C., insurance agent.
Snyder B., laborer.
Soule Rev. H. L., Born Perry Co., Pa., Oct. 20, 1827, and lived there for 18 years; he prepared for the ministry at an early age, before reaching his 19th year; received his license in Pa. as minister in the Church of God; his first pastorate was in the State of Ohio, and he was pastor of churches in Md. and Pa.; then spent five years in study and perfecting his education, and could read five different languages; commenced preaching again; in his church, opposite Harrisburg, Pa., a revival commenced which spread all through that part of the state; he was pastor of church in Decatur, also in Mt. Carroll for seven years, and held successful revival meetings in Shannon, in this Co., and elsewhere; married Miss Regina Driesbach, from near Harrisburg, Pa., in 1854; they have five children - four daughters and one son.
Spaight Henry, laborer.
Sprecher William, retired merchant.
Squires Thomas, hardware.
Stanton George A., laborer.
Stevens J. H., janitor.
Stitely George, clerk.
Stitely Geo. W., Mason and Plasterer; born in Carroll Co., Md., June 1, 1828; lived in that state 18 years; learned his trade there, and also learned the Cooper's Trade; came to Carroll Co. in Nov., 1855, and engaged in plastering, and has been engaged in it longer than any one here now in the business; married Mary M. Buser, from Washington Co., Md., Feb. 19, 1850; they have seven children: William H., Winfield S., George J., Katie, Elias T., Della M., Charles H.; lost two little girls.
Stitely Scott, painter.
Stitely William, clerk.
Stober C. C., barber.
Stowell J. M., Hardware and Agricultural Implements; born in Salem, Mass., Oct. 13, 1828; at the age of seven his parents removed to Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., and lived there for 12 years; went to Buffalo when quite young, at the age of eighteen, and was engaged one year in a wholesale grocery house, and then was engaged in the wholesale dry goods business three years; in the Spring of 1854 he went to California with a party of engineers, and engaged in railroading; after nine months' service was promoted to Civil Engineer, which position he held until the road was completed; in 1856 he returned to the States; came to Carroll Co. in the Spring of 1857, and engaged in the hardware and agricultural implement business, associated with Mr. Blake; they carried on the business for 13 years, until 1870, when he bought the interest of his partner, and has conducted the business himself; in connection with Mr. Hadley he built a cheese factory in the Town of York, and they will build two more during the coming season; he was appointed Deputy U. S. Marshal in 1860 for taking the census of this Co.; was elected to represent this district in the State Legislature in the Fall of 1876; owns a farm of 400 acres in Dacotah; married Miss Louise McCully, in Freeport, Aug. 11, 1857; she was from Ohio; they have seven children: Charles C., Frank W. C., E. Everitt, J. Burt, Roy, John M., Jr., and Alma L.
STRICKLER Benjamin, Retired; born in Lancaster Co.Pa., Jan. 26, 1809; lived in that state until 1854, when he moved to Carroll Co,; bought the hotel opposite the Court House; after conducting it for 18 months, he sold it to Mr. Pratt and built his present house, and engaged in farming; owns 124 acres of land; married Elizabeth Strack, Feb. 3, 1831; she was born in Lebanon Co., Pa., June 16, 1812; they have five children, two sons and three daughters: William, living in Grundy Co., Iowa; Samuel in the jewelry business, Sparta, Ill.; Sue, Elizabeth, and Lovina; lost one son in the army, Co. K. 15th Regt. I.V.I., under Capt. Nase; died at Rolla Mo.
STRICKLER Charles, clerk; lives with father.
STRICKLER J.B. laborer.
STRONG J.C. Firm of Strong & Wildey, Grocers; born in Herkimer Co., N.Y., May 23, 1835; lived in that state 21 years; came to Carroll Co., in 1856; was in the army; enlisted in Co. C, 92 Regt., I.V.I.; served 21 months, and was transferred to a U.S. colored regt; served 21 months, and held commission as Lieut and Adjutant; was in the battles of Chicamauga, Nashville, Chatanooga and others; has been engaged in business 11 years; they also manufacture lime; owns a stock farm of 160 acres in Woodland Tp.; has held the office of City Alderman; married Miss Antoinette Chase, from the State of N.Y., Sept. 1, 1858; they have two children: Frank. J., born Feb. 1, 1863; Fred E. Feb. 14, 1867; lost one daughter, Adella Louise, Oct. 20, 1872.
STUART A.W. egg dealer.
STUART Luther L. Egg Packer and Dealer; born in Susquehanna Co., Pa., Aug. 3, 1816; moved to Vermont and lived there 17 years, and then to Ohio; came to Carroll Co. in 1856, and was interested in farming until 1872; in 1872 he commenced packing and shipping eggs; he and his son put down 7,000 dozen the first year; they were the first in this Co. to put eggs down in solution, a superior method of their own invention; they contract their eggs in this state and Iowa; their business has increased every year, and last year they put down 60,000 dozen, and are doing the leading business in this part of the state; married Hannah Black, from Bradford Co. Pa., in 1843; they have two children: Arthur W., born in Pa., March 27, 1845, married Jennie W. Weir, from Pa., in Dec. 1868; Mrs. Annie M. Bowman.
SUTTON C. copper.
SUTTON G.P. sheriff
SWARTZ John, mason
SWARTZ Oliver, mason
SWEATT J.B. Agent W.U.R.R.; born in St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., Oct 26, 1845 lived there 11 years; lived in N.H. 9 years; went to Poughkeepsie and entered Eastman's Commercial College; after graduating, spent one year in Boston; came West in 1866; was in Iowa four years; came to Mt. Carroll and has been engaged with the W.U.R.R. since 1870; married Miss Arletta Olin, from St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. in Dec. 1868; they have two children: Ada L., born March 2, 1871, and J. Byron, Jr., June 7, 1873.

TATE S. A. deputy sheriff.
TAYLOR James, laborer
TIPTON D.C. laborer.
TOMPKINS R.J. Postmaster; born in Philadelphia, Jan 21, 1809; lived there 19 years; removed to Cincinnati; went to Galena in 1838, and came to Mt. Carroll in 1846; was one of the earliest settlers; was engaged in the mercantile business, and was the first person to make a market for produce in this town, and people came here from several counties to trade; has held the office of Supervisor for two terms; was appointed P.M. by President Lincoln, in 1860, and has held the office ever since; married Julia Hunt, daughter of Col. Hunt, at Green Bay. WI., she was one of the early settlers there, being born in the fort; they have five children: James, Henry, Lewis, Mary and Susan.
TOMPKINS Capt. J.S., U.S.A. Son of the above, was born near Galena, Oct. 20, 1844, and came to this Co. in 1846; resided here until 1861; when he entered the Naval Academy, and resigned in 1864; entered the 12th U. S. Inf. in Jan. 1865; was appointed 2d Lieut; appointed 1st Lieut. May 26, 1865; was transferred to the 30th U. S. I. and promoted to Capt. July 30, 1868; has served in Va. during the reconstruction, on the Western frontier and in Texas; married Miss E. Frances, daughter of the Osgood Eaton, Esq., of Boston, Mass., in June, 1868.
TOMLINSON Escott, farmer.
TOMLINSON J.L. retired farmer
TOMKINS L.H. assistant postmaster.
TRAIL Frank, farmer.
TRAIL James, farmer.

VANDAGRIFT B. bus line.
VANDAGRIFT Thos. H. Clerk in Store and owns a Livery Stable; born in Sangamon Co., Ill. March 10, 1820 nearly 58 years ago, and is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, native-born citizen in the state; came to Carroll Co., in 1850; engaged in farming some years; came in town and went in the dry goods and grocery trade, and also in the grain and stock business; has held the offices of Justice of the Peace and Collector of the Town; he was the first Supervisor of the Town of Woodland; married Jane Hall from Sangamon Co., formerly of Ohio, June 6, 1841; they have six children, three sons and three daughters; lost one son.

VANDERHEYDEN Jacob, horse breaker.
VANDTRIPE Isaac, glove maker.
VAN PATTEN A. Physician; born in Syracuse, N.Y., Feb. 12, 1843; he received his education in that state; he studied medicine and graduated at Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago, in 1874; married Miss Martha Weller, from Onondaga Co., N.Y. in 1865; she died July 3, 1873; they had one child, Frank born Feb. 21, 1867; he married Miss Jennie Mackay, daughter of Duncan Mackay, one of the early settlers of the Co., Oct. 7, 1874.

WARFIELD Charles, farmer.
WARFIELD John H. laborer.
WARFIELD Wm. farmer.
WATERS S.W. laborer.
WATSON Frank, laborer.
WATSON M. shoemaker.
WATSON Reuben, laborer.
WELTY Joseph H. Carpenter and Builder: born in Washington Co., Ringgold's Manor, Maryland, May 28, 1817; lived there 24 years, and learned the carpenter's trade; came to Ill., to Mt. Carroll, in 1842, and has lived here 35 years; one of the earliest settlers; there was only one house built here at that time, and he has seen every house built in this town but one, and helped build many of them; there are only a few people here now that were here when he came; there were only three young women here then; he knew every man, woman and child here for many years; married Miss Lucy Ann Weaver, March 2, 1851; she was born near Canton, Stark Co., Ohio, Sept. 11, 1826; she came to this state in March, 1851; they had two children: Harriet Elizabeth, born Jan. 10, 1854, died June 2, 1860; Laura Ann, born July 20, 1856, died Jan. 25, 1862.
WHERRITT G.M. salesman.
WHERRITT Joseph M. Tailor; born in Washington Co., Md., Aug. 8, 1817; lived there 27 years; then came to Ill., to Carroll Co.; arrived here May 1, 1846 only few houses here when he came; he engaged in business here with Mr. Moore, and has continued the business for many years; he has held office of Township Collector for three years, and was elected Sheriff of this Co. in 1862, and was acting Sheriff during the term of his successor; married Caroline Flook, from Washington Co., Md., Aug. 17, 1837; they have two children: George M., salesmand for C.P. Kellogg & Co., Chicago; Joseph M. clerk in store, Iowa; lost four children, two sons and two daughters.
WILDEY WM. H. (Strong & Wildey) Groceries and Provisions; born in Springville, Erie Co., N.Y. April 19, 1839; lived there and in Buffalo 14 years; came to Chicago in 1855, and was engaged in drug trade and was with mechanical bakery 6 years, until breaking out of the war; he enlisted in 19th Regt., I.V.I.; was employed as scout from Gen. Turchin's headquarters for 18 months; was severely wounded at battle of Stone River; received commission of First Lieutenant from President Lincoln; was in battle of Nashville, after which he was promoted to Captain; was in many skirmishes, and in service 4 years and 9 months; came to Carroll Co., and engaged in business Feb. 17, 1866; has held offices of Supervisor and City Alderman; married Miss Emily Vale, from Chicago, April 24, 1867; she was born in England; they have three children: Emily May, Alice Vale, Baby (little girl).
WILSON Harvey, Livery and Boarding Stable; born in Ohio, Nov 12, 1818; lived there and in Ind.; removed to Wis. in 1837; engaged in lead mining some years; came to Carroll Co. in 1850 and engaged in farming and stock raising; they owned 1,000 acres land: married Eliza Wilkins, in Jo Daviess Co., in Oct., 1842; she was from St. Louis; they have seven children: Sarah A., John, Henry, Martha, Elizabeth, William and Libbie; have lost six children.
WILER Adam, mason.
WINDLE John, laborer.
WINELANDER John, bakery and confectionery.
WINTER Geo. watch maker.
WOLF John, cattle dealer.
WOMER David, laborer.
WOOD H.laborer.
WOOD Jacob, laborer.
WOOD Lyman, laborer.

YOUTZ Samuel, retired.